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Why Falling in Love is the Best Weight-Loss Trick There Is
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Why Falling in Love is the Best Weight-Loss Trick There Is

The ability to lose weight effortlessly while in love is, in fact, not a trick, but a proven biochemical reality.  In fact, the word “trick” is entirely inadequate to describe what should really be termed “an astonishingly complex accomplishment.” As Dr. Ronald Gatty wrote in his book The Body Clock […]

Brand New You in the Brand New Year…Really?
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Brand New You in the Brand New Year…Really?

So, I’ve been frequently asked by my patients at my integrative medicine clinic in San Jose, CA about what it takes to create a ‘brand new me in the brand new year.’ But my reply is that there’s nothing wrong with the way you were, we just have to tweak […]

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5 Ways to Achieve & Sustain Your New Year’s Diet Resolution…Starting Now

As health-seekers strategize their diet and fitness approach for the New Year, there are a few simple but key considerations that can make all the difference between a successful—and even profitable—weight-loss endeavor and a wellness resolution that falls far short. In seeking professional advice I connected with diet and fitness […]

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Gamified Dieting for a Healthier & Wealthier New Year

Even during the gluttonous holidays and into the New Year “diet resolution” season, weight loss doesn’t have to be a difficult or costly endeavor. It can actually be quite profitable. One organization founded on much obesity and incentivization research,, has found a way to help dieters overcome their short-term […]

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Gamifying Good Health: Cash-Curated Wellness

Recently released study findings published in the journal Social Science and Medicine prove, yet again, that money is an effective motivator to “increase both the magnitude and duration of weight loss.” Imperative dialogue given the prevalence of overweight and obesity has more than doubled in the past three decades, leading […]

Five Foods for a Flatter Belly
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Five Foods for a Flatter Belly

If the thought of swimsuit season makes you cringe in fear, don’t panic: the reason behind a bulging midsection may not be excess fat, but could be because of bloating and indigestion. Millions of Americans experience uncomfortable stomachaches, bloating and cramping every day because of the foods they eat. New […]