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Relationships / Women and Dating

Rejection Really Doesn’t Hurt That Much

Remember when you were a small girl and the doctor gave you a shot…and you screamed your head off?! Now seriously…did it really hurt that much? Of course not. Fast forward these many years later and think about how you feel when a man doesn’t show interest or drops you […]

Relationships / Women and Dating

Ladies…What You See is What You Get

My friends Heidi and Jack hosted a great party the other night. It’s still a little strange for me to do parties with my husband. After 30 years of single-dom, and now being married for three years, showing up as a couple still feels extraordinary in some way.   So […]


Please Be Kind to Frogs

by Bobbi Palmer   We all know the line: “I’ve kissed so many frogs I’ve got the warts to prove it!” Or “How many frogs do I have to kiss before I find my prince?” It’s an expression used often, and as a woman who was married for the first […]