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Non-verbal Communication During Your Job Interview

By Carole Martin Slouching is out! It’s about demonstrating confidence – standing straight, making eye contact, and connecting with a good, firm handshake. That first impression can be a great beginning, or a quick ending to your interview. Body movement or lack of Once the interview begins you should be […]

Goal Setting – Why Resolutions Waste Your Time
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Goal Setting – Why Resolutions Waste Your Time

& What to Do to Accomplish More Goals By Karim Ismail If you’re looking to accomplish more goals this coming year then forget about New Year’s resolutions. The people that profit the most from New Year’s resolutions are… *  Owners of fitness centers *  Authors of weight loss books *  […]

Sustainability For Your Business-Is It Profitable
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Sustainability For Your Business-Is It Profitable

Can a business do well in profit and reputation by doing good for the long term? I certainly believe so.   By incorporating responsibility into the fiber of a company, making it a day in and day out way of operation the fall-out is bringing attention to customers who have […]

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Buy A Business, Or Not?

by Marcella Glenn   There is risk in purchasing any business.  It requires large amounts of capital, up-front.  A failed business, that you feel would be profitable under your management, entails many resources.    “Expect to call and investigate plenty of businesses to find one that makes sense for you,” […]

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Work Less Hours and Increase Your Earnings

In an ideal world, we would dedicate eight hours of our day to work, another eight to enjoy recreational activities and the last eight hours to sleep. The true question is, how many of you live in the ideal world? Instead, in the real world, most people work twelve to […]