4 No-nonsense Ways to a Better Work-Life Balance
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4 No-nonsense Ways to a Better Work-Life Balance

There’s a growing number of people struggling with their work-life balance. A large percentage of American workers feel their job demands that they should be available 24/7 since they can check in from anywhere using their smartphone. This type of constant availability takes a toll on both a person’s mental […]

Working from Home? Get Organized!
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Working from Home? Get Organized!

Getting organized is the key to making your life as a work at home mom efficient and, relatively, stress free. If you can get and stay organized, your business and your home life will flourish. Without taking some simple organizational steps you’ll be swamped with work and overwhelmed with laundry […]

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The Myth of Work/Life Balance

Seven Ways to Rethink Your Approach to the Daily Grind (and Get Happier in the Process!) If you’ve been killing yourself trying to achieve daily work/life balance, Jon Gordon warns that it may be a pipe dream. He offers up another (better) solution. In a perfect world, “work” and “home” […]