By: Rose Marie Colucci

A pullover sweater is a comfortable staple every wardrobe should hold. Especially for winter or autumn, sweaters are sought-out for their versatility, as long or short, sweaters are paired with skirts, jeans, leggings or clean pants that complete an outfit while accentuating your personal fashion expression.

Sweaters are categorized by the thickness of their fibre, from thin wool, to thick weave, or a mixture of cotton, acrylic or polyester.  These combinations are written on the label along with directions on how to care for the garment. The fiber and weave will allow you the possibility to create your own chic simply by assorting the right clothing-accessories to wear with your sweater.  

A pullover sweater is a completely different garment than an opened sweater.  A pullover sweater is a one-piece item while an open sweater is an add-on worn over another sweater. Therefore, with a one piece sweater, your goal is to pair it with the right fashion statement geared towards your self-style. Here are some examples.

A classic long sweater

A classic long, woolen sweater is a built-in concept of its own. Notwithstanding the color, as any color will do, the elegance and panache involved in creating your own style relies on the other garments paired with the sweater. In this example, a white long sweater is paired with leggings or leather pants that heighten an outdoor look. It’s gorgeous and stylish without being complicated while at the same time, its modesty provides a cozy warmth drawn from frisky days. 

"Sweaters: The Pullover Classics"

Always be conscious of constructing a well-put together look. Choose the right booties and accessory such as a scarf or a hat that will compliment your outfit as an ensemble. This is how stylists proceed when fashion-guarding a look: the details are encompassed from head to toe, not just one item at a time. Develop a sense of finesse by discovering how clothes blend together when creating an outfit. 

Gray sweater

In the same thinking process as in the white classic sweater, this gray sweater is of a thicker weave that allows for the creation of a different style.  The sweater is a heavier knit and is slightly deconstructed as opposed to a straight classic cut. It poses as a looser, overall fit, with baggier sleeves, and an A-line cropped at the hip. In order to give this type of sweater its proper influence, the garment is paired with equally baggy, looser fitting pants than a straight legging or leather tights from the previous example. These two looks demonstrate how style is taken into account starting from the substance of your main item and the fashion-look you want to format. Continue accomplishing your self-style by adding appropriate, chunkier footwear to further adorned into a fast-paced representation of yourself. 

Classic turtleneck

A classic turtleneck is always a winner, no matter the color, ideal for winter and autumn. This is the type of garment that you can wear to the office and always look your best.  Paired with a skirt, it engages its own diversified style as it all depends on the skirt’s pattern, long or short, straight or circular. Each skirt type will create its own uniqueness for an evening out, or a weekend pose.  If you want to be sure, pair a thin wool sweater with a straight skirt while a thicker, solid weave with skinny pants. It creates two different looks depending how laid back or how uplifting you want the garments to showcase your passion for fashion. Creating style is the right-hand to what fits right for your body-type and the clothes you need for your lifestyle.  With this in mind, pack on appropriate footwear and jewelry to capture your self-chic.   

Loose turtleneck

The other side of the coin to the classic turtleneck is to opt for a looser, ampler turtleneck.  The flowing aspect of this type of turtleneck is that you can dress-up or dress-down, putting proper emphasis on the type of skirt, pants or accessory chosen to coordinate your look.  

"Sweaters: The Pullover Classics"

In this example the free-flowing aspect of the sweater is teamed with an equally free-flowing skirt, evoking a cow-girlish look ideal for weekend getaways or city touting. The knit is loose and easy to wear, falling slightly off the shoulder. The footwear of city/hiking booties publicize a hype of lightness to the sweater. This paradigm of even-flow is the essence when creating a glam style. Start with the main piece, then flaunt it with assimilating elements that plush together. 

A black sweater

A black sweater is convenient for most occasions.  Dress it as you feel appropriate, becomes a must have in your wardrobe. A simple, long sleeve, round collar, thin wool sweater is a thriving pattern of the many facets you can use this garment to build your contentment.

For starters, wearing it with a straight skirt can pass as evening-wear for a dinner outing.  Pair it with a clean pair of pants and you have an office outfit. You can upgrade it with a belt or use it under a skirt suit to set the manner. Play with your clothes, mix and match and see what works. All it takes is a little imagination. 

In this example, the classic black sweater is paired with a checkered skirt and high-leg boots which brings out another style, elegant and simple. 

A black sweater remains an uncontestable, versatile garment to promote your chic and ladies, adding jewelry will really enhances its charm.