If you are a fashionista and a fitness freak as well, looking your best in the gym would be your top priority. However, shopping for stylish activewear can be more complicated than you think because there’s much you need to consider apart from the look of the outfit. Primarily, it should be easy to breathe in, comfortable, and flexible so that you can exercise easily. And you cannot forget to make sure that it looks good on you. For the women who want to sweat out in style, here are some guidelines for choosing the best fitness outfits and accessories.

Prioritize fabrics that breathe

It is common to sweat a lot and experience a rise in body temperature when you exercise vigorously. Ideally, you should stick to breathable fabrics because they absorb the sweat and keep you cool. Polyester, cotton and lycra are considered ideal for workout clothing though there are several blended options in the market as well. Steer clear of materials that keep sweat from evaporating and fail to maintain your body temperature.

Pick flexible bottoms

When it comes to bottoms like gym shorts, track pants, leggings or sweatpants, always choose ones that are made with flexible materials. A look at Just Fab will give you a fair idea about the kind of pieces you should opt for in bottom wear. Extra tight fits are not good because you need to do a lot of stretching and leg workouts in the gym or outdoor exercising. And you wouldn’t want them to tear upon stretching. Apart from facilitating movement, flexible bottoms are great from a comfort perspective. 

Supportive undergarments are important 

While choosing the right activewear is important, you cannot be less conscious about the choice of undergarments. Supportive undergarments enhance the fits and make you feel confident as you work out. Make sure that you keep your lingerie for regular dressing and prioritize good support as you shop for workout innerwear. You will end up looking smarter and fitter.

Always invest in the right fits

Working out in style is all about the right fits, so you should only buy perfect sizes from top to bottom. Although you may consider loose fits for the sake of comfort, they may be risky when you pedal a bicycle or work out with machines. Rather, well-fitted outfits are ideal for all kinds of activities. Invest in an upgrade for your exercise wardrobe if you happen to gain or lose weight. Also, dress according to the season because you may want to wear something warm during winters and light and easy in summers.

Pay attention to footwear

You will certainly want to accessorize with a cool pair of shoes but the right ones can actually transform the way you exercise. Choose shoes that are specifically meant for the activity you do because they are tailored to offer comfort and protection. Never compromise with the fits because you may end up with swollen feet and sore legs at the end of the day.

Workout clothing is as much about comfort as it is about aesthetics. So you need to choose ones that blend both because they will make you look and feel good! 


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