… and save a few calories while you’re at it.

Check out these fun Halloween Party drinks sure to be a crowd pleasure tonight! (or Any night!)

Made with Voli Light Vodkas – the first low calorie fruit and fusion flavored vodka in the world, is the perfect Halloween candy alternative that satisfies your sweet tooth.

Bloody Voli

2 oz Voli Lyte
2 oz tomato juice (spicy if you dare)
1 tsp horseradish
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
2-4 dashes hot sauce
Pinch of Salt & Pepper
Squeeze of lemon & lime wedge

Build over ice and stir

GLASS: Highball
GARNISH: Celery stalk, olives, lemon and lime wedges (optional: salt &
pepper rim of glass)



2 oz Voli Espresso Vanilla
1/2 oz Bailey’s

Shake and strain

GLASS: Martini
GARNISH: cocoa powder rim


Voli Vamp

1 1/2 oz Voli Lemon (or Lyte)
1/4 oz Chambord (Raspberry Liqueur)
2 oz Cranberry juice
Top with club soda

Build over ice and stir

GLASS: Rocks
GARNISH: Raspberry and lemon or lime twist

APPROX CALORIES: 135 (100 calories if made with diet cranberry)