Attention divorcees! Why your relationship status is a plus…

"Survey finds 'divorced' status is preferred over 'never been married'"Survey by dating site aimed at over 45s shows that divorcees look for a new partner who has also been previously married.

After years away from the dating scene, divorcees can often wonder how to get back into the game. But they need not worry, as the results of a new survey by show that their relationship status is actually highly sought after by the opposite sex!

Of the 2,000 Canadians surveyed, an overwhelming 92% of women, and 76% of men said that after divorce they look for a new partner who has also been previously married. This shows that both sexes appreciate dates who have shown commitment to a long-term relationship in the past, compared to those who have never married.

When it comes to picking qualities in their new partner, the majority of men (88%) and women (83%) said that they’d like to meet a partner with opposite looks to their ex.

Again, when it comes to a perspective partner’s personality, men and women are on the same page. Both sexes want their new partner to have a different personality from their ex. Perhaps most have wised up to the fact that clashes in personality are the main reason for the split in the first place. 98% of men and 92% of women say they look for a new partner with a different personality to their ex.

Personality and looks aside, dating a friend of your ex is usually thought to be taboo. But this doesn’t seem to bother many as 42% of women and 41% of men said they’d be happy to date their ex’s pal.

Another hurdle with dating after divorce is whether to introduce your new partner to your ex. The majority of women surveyed (58%) said they’d be happy to acquaint the two. But men disagreed, 53% said they’d never introduce their new love to their ex-partner. ’s survey found that the main thing that men and women disagreed on was when to start dating after a break up. Men are well known for moving on quickly, and it seems that after divorce it’s no exception. While the majority of women (74%) said they’d wait at least a year before starting a new relationship, 35% of men said they would wait just a few months, with a surprising 29% saying they’d move on within a couple of weeks.

"Survey finds 'divorced' status is preferred over 'never been married'"