While the dictionary defines the verb “to sustain” to mean: to keep in existence, to maintain, to supply with necessities or nourishment, the term “sustainability” did not exist until recently.  Nowadays the word sustainability is widely used as a politically correct term linked to the impact human and business practices have on Mother Earth and its natural resources. By now, most people and businesses have embraced recycling as a valid sustainable practice and you see more and more web sites dedicated to facilitate the exchange of consumer items.

But how does one differentiate a sustainable practice from one that is not? And what if there were guiding principles to help us develop a practice that will support our Mother Earth, our business and ourselves?


One guiding principle that has always existed, yet has been forgotten until recently, is the idea that we are all inter-connected. In other words, everything we do has an impact on something or someone. When we embrace this inter-connectedness as the foundation of all life, whether human, animal or plant, we open ourselves to a compassionate wisdom. When the win-lose polarity loses its appeal, we are left with the quest for not only a win-win position but for also a third win.

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