Reach Your Goals Without Stressing Out: A high-achiever’s guide to a successful life by Chantal Hofstee

We all possess mental resources, but only a few of us use them to their full potential. We want to see continuous growth and improvement in our lives, but we don’t really understand the brain and psychological mechanisms that drive this growth and improvement. So we apply the ‘working hard’ approach rather than the ‘working smart’ approach, and end up getting stuck in bad habits that drain our energy, blur our minds and disrupt our focus. We might achieve success in one area but we simultaneously crash and burn in others. Yet there are people who seem to be able to do it all and do it all well without burning out.

Achieve Success. Create Balance. Experience Fulfillment.It’s the elusive trifecta every working woman desperately seeks. Do you find yourself trying to be everything to everyone? Do you run yourself ragged but still feel something is missing? The struggle is real and all too common. Paula Brown Stafford and Lisa T. Grimes are two award-winning, c-suite executives who together have accumulated 60 plus years of work experience at the highest levels, 60 years of marriage, and raised four successful children. Collectively, they have managed more than 25,000 employees globally.

The Manager’s Guide to Unleashing the Intrapreneur by Debbie Woolbridge

You’ve seen first-hand the impacts of generational differences in the workplace. You struggle to meet the needs of your team while balancing budget and resource constraints. You’re tired of losing good people to “the other guys.” You’re ready to be the catalyst that sparks real change within your organization. It’s time for you and your team to unleash! A Manager’s Guide to Unleashing the Intrapreneur is the perfect hands-on guide for you as a manager to become a key player in the future of your organization. This guide will arm you with the strategies and the tools you need


Start, Love, Repeat: How to Stay in Love with Your Entrepreneur in a Crazy Start-up World by Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

The idea of starting your own business is exhilarating and inspiring. It’s one over 30 million Americans pursue. But being the significant other of an entrepreneur is not so glamorous. Boundaries between work and home disappear. Personal savings and business funds become intertwined. You can feel like a single parent as your spouse travels, works late hours, and answers calls and e-mails 24-7.You may even sacrifice a career or move your home for the sake of the business.

Buddha In The Trenches: The Timeless System For Developing Unshakable Performance Under Pressure by Steve Taubman

Why do only a small percentage of people rise to the very top of their fields while the majority barely cope with their stress? Why do some entrepreneurs remain optimistic and filled with boundless energy, while most become exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out? Why do some health care professionals thrive under pressure, while most are crushed by it? In this important book, mindset management expert, Dr. Steve Taubman DCC, explores the dilemma of how most suffer while certain peak performers thrive under the very same conditions. Whether you’re an overworked nurse battling job fatigue or a loss of empathy, a sales professional struggling with the challenges of selling in the digital age, a business leader buried under regulations, deadlines, and staffing problems, or a police officer trying to maintain calm authority while de-escalating tense situations, this book has the answers you seek.

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