It’s finally summertime! During this time, there are so many outdoor activities that we like to enjoy. How many of you like to spend the summer season outside at a park, in the pool or at the beach, soaking in the sun? I bet there are a lot of you! Now, how many of you immerse yourselves in sunscreen before enjoying any of these outdoor activities? I can probably guess that not many of you do this. And, if you do, I can probably bet that you do not re-apply sunscreen after dabbing on that first amount. Herein lays the problem. Many of you probably don’t know but, skin cancer is on the rise. And even more discouraging, it seems that most individuals feel unsusceptible to the damaging effects of the sun. This is especially true for children who are not seen as candidates for skin cancer because of their young age. However, skin cancer is becoming more and more common, especially early on in our lives. Nowadays, children spend more time outside, playing sports, spending time in the pool or hanging out on the beach, which means they are being exposed to the harmful effects of the sun frequently. Although these activities promote health through exercise, they also invite damaging carcinogens to spread and destroy cells that keep our skin healthy and cancer-free. But aside from that how many of you wish you could stay outdoors longer but feel tired and weak because of the harsh heat? I know, especially in South Florida, we all wish we could stay out enjoying the sun all day!

Not to be the bearer of bad news and the destructive force of all outdoor fun in the sun this summer, I do have a solution. It was not too long ago that I was the PTA Vice President of Fundraising at my daughter’s school and we were on a mission to make the playground area more accessible to the children. Her school had a playground set that could not be used regularly because the harsh sunlight would make the equipment too hot to touch and consequently too dangerous for the children’s use. We did some research and discovered that shade canopies protect children from the harsh and dangerous UV rays and lower the temperature to make playing more enjoyable. I knew it was the perfect solution, so we raised $25,000 in a Gala for parents to fund the purchase of the canopy. It just so happened to be a great investment, now the children can enjoy the outdoors without being affected by the harsh sun. After this project, I realized that I can provide an important service for kids and so I began my own company called ShadeFla that provides these same canopies along with an array of other sun protection products.

ShadeFla is the answer to your skin damaging worries brought on by a lack of protection from the sun. Stationed in South Florida, an area so famously known for its warm weather and sunshine, we are a company that specializes in canopies for outdoor living. With our unique products, we can help you make this summer, not only more enjoyable, but also safer for your skin! We have products such as sails, canopies, and umbrellas that shield you from the damaging effects of the sun. Our high wind umbrellas, securely fastened, are much safer than products found elsewhere and our canopies are designed to withstand hurricane force winds. More so, we have retractable awnings that close on their own when winds exceed 25 miles per hour.

ShadeFla has the perfect solution for you this summer season. Not only do we work with high end hotels, we also serve residential properties as well. ShadeFla is the ideal solution especially when style and functionality are top priorities. ShadeFla boasts in its ability to provide you a product that converts your outdoor space into a more stylistically defined environment. Our products combine design and utility to produce and offer the best products in the shade industry. I know this all sounds too good to be true and that there has to be some sort of catch, such as pricing. Pricing depends strictly on the project, but we will provide you with the best pricing when compared to other products that match in caliber. So go ahead, make the call! ShadeFla wants to save you from this monstrous disease known as skin cancer! This is especially important for our kids who are becoming more vulnerable to skin cancer than ever before.

Kids should be out in the sun having fun! Help protect your children’s skin, as well as your own- wear lots of sunscreen (here’s a great link for a list of the best sunscreens: .

About the author: Margueritte Ramos owns and operates ShadeFla in Miami Florida. For more information visit: