Meet Lorraine Mignault Founder of Positive Living, Inc. in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

If a personal commitment to achieving good health and the sharing of this “wealth of wellness” with others contribute to the foundation of her personal life, then perseverance and a belief in her abilities are the cornerstones of her business success for over a decade.

Lorraine Mignault launched Positive Living Inc., an environmentally green company, to take advantage of emerging opportunities in research, product development and lifestyle programming.

An award-winning inventor in the Canadian competition Inventive Women, author of the bestseller Die Healthy: Pursuing the Dream of Wellness and Longevity , her book is available at McNallly Robinson Booksellers and online at Positive Living Essentials.

A graduate of the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Human Ecology, Founder and Director of Positive Living Inc., Ms. Mignault positioned her company on the cutting edge of the beauty and health industries, attracting technology licensing contacts worldwide.

In 2006, Ms. Mignault was an honoured author, inventor and speaker at the World Intellectual Property Day in Ottawa, Canada. The event celebrated women’s contribution to innovation, their ingenuity and creativity.

A scientist and gifted inventor with several discoveries in male-dominated industries, Ms. Mignault has contributed greatly to how we think about nutrition, disease intervention and prevention, dermatology, pain control and fitness. Her cosmetic and therapeutic lotion, Fabulous Forever®, is one such example of a feel well experience, also offered online.

Inventing new products is often a long journey and for women the road can be even rockier. At inventors all have one quality in common – perseverance. When you believe in yourself and persevere, your work becomes more credible and your success more rewarding.

Her personalized lifestyle programming, a “wealth of wellness concept” in book format and the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical technologies, are all subject to Intellectual Property rights.

Participating in global industry initiatives attests to her long term commitment to excellence in being at the forefront of product design and recognizing the importance of reading trends. This, in turn, has assured clients excellent and innovative product and service.

Ms. Mignault has a passion for her work that springs from her passion for life. This multi-talented woman is an industry member of Food Product Design Inc., Skin Inc. and Global Cosmetic Industry®; member of women’s business groups such as Inventive Women, SelfGrowth and Power of Women – and sings Bel Canto in choral groups.
Ms. Mignault is an innovative woman raising the bar in all fields and a Sought – after speaker showcased on

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