"How a Lack of Body Confidence is Holding You Back By Melonie Dodaro

Why do so many people find true abundance elusive? Most of them are missing the key ingredient: complete and utter confidence in themselves, which is inseparable from complete confidence in their physical self: their body.

Of course, getting that total body confidence can be a tall order, especially if you have a long way to go. Yet it’s crucial that you make the commitment to get there if you want to achieve true success and abundance.

How a lack of body confidence can hold you back

Just think about it… If you are concerned about how you look, you’ll always have a handicap. Whether you’re networking, negotiating a deal, or making a presentation on stage, your lack of confidence puts you at a disadvantage.

1) You avoid the spotlight

Chances are that you’re also afraid of the spotlight that could come with success. How would you really feel about being on TV? Everybody looks heavier on TV, they say, and if you’re already self-conscious about your weight, you may try to avoid any opportunity involving a camera, at least subconsciously. Can you see how that can hold you back?

2) You lack the crucial ingredient you need to attract others

There’s more. As long as you’re being plagued by that niggling fear that you’re looking less than your best, you will lack that air of confidence that is so attractive to others. And it gets even worse — you have reason to be concerned.

3) People judge others by how they look

It’s a fact of life that people really do judge us by the way we look. The more attractive we are, the more strongly people are drawn to us. Studies have shown that people who are more attractive get promoted more quickly and make more money. You can insist on political correctness all you want, but it isn’t going to give you that raise. And it’s certainly not going to bring you more clients and customers.

Of course I agree that it’s not fair to be judged by the shape of your body, but belaboring that fact is not going to give you the results you desire. If you want to achieve success and abundance, there’s really just one question that’s helpful: “What are you going to do about it so you can achieve the benefits below?”

The benefits of taking action

1) More confidence

I know how you feel – because I used to be more than 30 pounds overweight. Before I finally claimed the fit and healthy body I truly wanted, I was down and depressed. Now, I love meeting people and I even love being on stage and in front of the camera. There are no longer any worries about how I look. Instead, I’m free to focus on the reason I’m there.

2) More physical energy

You see, most people spend up to 70% of their energy just digesting their food. That doesn’t leave too much for doing the kind of things that will boost your success. So if you can reduce that percentage to 50% by making your metabolism more effective, you’ll practically double the energy you have available. Imagine the competitive edge all that new energy could give you.

3) More emotional energy

And you’ll gain more energy in other ways as well… How long does it take you to find clothes that make you look good — or at least as good as possible? Finding clothes that flatter a less than fit body can be a true project. Not only does it require extra time to go through your closet or a store’s offerings to find something that camouflages those “bad” parts, but it also takes a lot of energy. How so, you may wonder…

Most people really beat themselves up in dressing rooms. Looking at the unvarnished truth in full-length mirror can be challenging indeed. But do you know how much emotional energy all that self-criticism can take? And chances are, you’re also doing the same thing every morning when you decide what to wear for the day.

4) Success and abundance

You will begin to thrive in all areas of your life once being self-conscious about your body no longer holds you back.

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