"Laura West Success Alchemy of Leadership"With your Deepest Passion and Creativity By Laura West (Excerpt from WE Magazine for Women Fall Success Alchemy)

How letting go leads to leaps! Daring to shed the shackles of the rules to embrace your deepest passions and creativity in your business.

You love your work and enjoy your clients so much you can’t imagine doing anything else. You love having a business centered around your passion.

But what about when personal stress, financial pressures, and fast-paced changes in your industry all pull your energy under, and you suddenly find yourself feeling burnt out?

Yikes. That’s a scary place to be for a passion-based business owner. Without access to your passion what do you do? How will you make money and support your family? What about that burning dream to be independent and financially free? How will you reach all those people you know you are meant to help? What about fulfilling your purpose?

This is the place I found myself a year ago. I knew the answer wasn’t to work harder, longer, or faster. I had built my business working with women business owners whom I loved, but the work I was doing…the pressure to always be about making the next dollar… was exhausting and de-motivating.

Intuitively, I knew it was going to take doing something different. But I couldn’t see what that could be.

I decided to take time off to refuel, to find my passion again, and discover what I truly wanted to offer. I called it my “Creative Power Sabbatical.”

I put my business on low-vibe. I let go of almost everything in my business except for an easy Monday audio message, to stay connected to my community while I took time to dig deep.

For 90 days I gave myself permission to relax and do nothing. I knew I had to slow down to go fast.

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