"Mia Roman Success Alchemy Fall 2012A painting with words by Mia Roman (Excerpt from WE Magazine for Women Fall Success Alchemy)

From Woe to Wow!

My beautifully woven soul of feminist, mother, designer, artist, teacher, entrepreneur, advocate and healer nurtures what has been created and senses into what longs to be created. I am always doing inner work to excavate what is holding me back from moving forward, digging into the dark cave of the psyche and helping the repressed self heal.


Female Leadership and the Sacred Feminine

I am constantly reminding myself to live in appreciation for what is right in front of me.  I knew that if I wanted to achieve the changes, shifts and desires I dreamt of, I needed to take action. It all started with a small daily practice of living into the person I was deep within, laying dormant, waiting to be released like a caged bird.

The Creatress of my Life Masterpiece

I found my own way, my own unique voice through my spirituality and creativity, giving myself permission to play, practice and explore. We all have a creative vision and purpose. I always knew that my purpose was of a higher quality and vibration, of a heightened attitude and value that I want to live and share.

Through creativity I learn to see more deeply into life, to be present, to listen within, and to be spontaneous and trusting. These qualities allow me to live my creative vision like a child at play.

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