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DUE TO THE NUMBER OF ARTICLES WE RECEIVE EACH DAY, AS OF JANUARY 2019 WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING UNSOLICITED ARTICLES. You must be either a MEMBER of WOMEN in ECOMMERCE or your business must be listed on HER BUSINESS Directory to be considered. All other submissions will be discarded. 

if you meet this criteria, please read below:

Before submitting an article to WE Magazine for Women, be sure and read our ARTICLE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES All articles are reviewed for quality and appropriateness. We only publish articles in the categories listed on the submission form below. All others will be discarded. Also note we do not edit content so if your article is submitted in anything but English and has multiple errors, we will not publish. You will receive an email asking for corrections, but any errors must be fixed prior to publication.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT articles with product links on this submission form. Any links or references to products with a link must be submitted as a product review. Guidelines can be found on our PRODUCT REVIEW page.  All articles that look like a product promotion of any kind will be discarded.

Be sure and include an AUTHOR BIO at the end of your article content (up to 50 words max.)

Because we receive hundreds of articles, please do not email YOUR ARTICLE OR queries about your submissions as that will delay or even omit possibility of publicationTypically articles submitted online are published within two weeks.

All duplicate article content will be discarded (including original). Please do not submit same article more than once. That also includes articles with different titles but same content.

Note: If you are a part of our editorial team and logged into WE Magazine, your name and bio will auto-populate on the post. Otherwise it will display as “Guest Writer” when published.


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