"Stuff Your (Super) Mom Forgot to Tell You"Book Urges Women to Activate their Superpowers, Realize their Inner Awesomeness & Thrive – for Life!

Masterfully crafted by teacher and wellness coach, Amy Brooks, ‘Stuff Your (Super) Mom Forgot to Tell You…: about orgasms, apologizing, meditation, and more’ is the tonic millions of women crave in order to activate their potential, uncover their sexual power and unleash life with dramatic new satisfaction. By utilizing Brooks’ strategies, any woman can change her views on a range of life topics including apologizing, taking risks, changing careers, getting married and having kids. It’s no wonder one critic recently praised the volume for giving her “…the empowerment and freedom to explore”.

Having come in contact with thousands of women from all walks of life, in her roles as a teacher and wellness coach, Amy Brooks is constantly reminded that every women possesses boundless inner-awesomeness. But, admittedly, few women ever activate their potential in order to see tangible results.

In ‘Stuff Your (Super) Mom Forgot to Tell You…: about orgasms, apologizing, meditation, and more’ Brooks provides that vital first step to living a sexier, bigger life. This powerful new guide is a comprehensive roadmap to owning sexuality, busting through insecurities, acknowledging self-made stress and a blueprint any woman can use to surround herself with a true super sisterhood.


Being a super woman isn’t always easy, but activating your powers is the first step! In order to fully realize your inner-awesome, you have to claim your sexual desires and your personal power. Then you must align your career and relationship choices. Finally, it’s essential to establish support systems and self-care routines. There is no time to waste! The moment to become fully present is now. Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to set goals. Don’t wait for a tragedy in your life to wake up to your potential. It’s time to crack open your coolest self today. This is the book that will show you how to get started. It’s time to be super!

“The first and vital first chapter of the book helps women recognize and embrace the fact that they are role models, whatever their actual situation is in life,” explains Brooks. “I then take them through a bold transition of power where they learn to own their power, set high dating standards and harness their sexual energy to take back responsibility for a satisfying love life. Whatever they think, any woman really can have it all!”

Continuing, “There’s also action-oriented guides on expanding our daily joy and connection through meditation, helping authentically, getting sister-wives, and choosing our own tribes. Everything revolves around thirteen steps that culminate in a series of reflection questions and insights titled “A Real (Super) Woman’s Perspective”. The goal with these extra materials is to take women beyond simply reading and into a place of very real, pro-active exploration. They also make great discussion/debate topics for book clubs and women’s groups.”

Since its release, readers have come out to leave overwhelmingly positive reviews. For example, Cynthia C. comments, “I absolutely love this book. It touches on so many topics that hit close to home for me. I love the empowerment and freedom to explore. I live.”

"Stuff Your (Super) Mom Forgot to Tell You"Stuff Your (Super) Mom Forgot to Tell You…: about orgasms, apologizing, meditation, and more’ is available now.

Amy Brooks is an author, teacher and wellness-fanatic who strives to create a safe space for women to prioritize their happiness. She knows that given time and permission, most women will enthusiastically reflect on their life in a loving way. She renews her peace and her energy on a daily basis in her Maryland home that she shares with three silly sons, two snuggly cats, and one sensational husband.