"Women give mom a gift of flowers for mothers day"

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274 Million U.S. Mobile Subscribers Plan on Reaching out to Mom on Mother’s Day, According New Survey from Rebtel – Study Shows that Women are Much More Likely to Give Mom a Gift, and Plan to Spend More Time Talking

Rebtel, the world’s largest mobile VoIP company after Skype, today announced results from a new Mother’s Day survey, which polled U.S. mobile users on their holiday intentions.

According the study, 83.4% of U.S. adults plan on getting in touch with their mom this mother’s day (other than in-person), which is representative of approximately 274 million Americans. The study also showed that mobile phone via traditional carrier minutes is the overwhelming favorite method at 72.7%, followed by VoIP calling (via PC or app) 11.9%, then Landline 11% and video chat (3%), followed by email (.8%). Social Networks, IM, and SMS were the least popular choices registering below .3%.

Are Women More Likely to Show Mom Some Love?

The results showed some notable differences between men and women, namely women (76.2%) are much more likely to get their mom a gift than Men (65.9%) and plan to spend more time talking. 42.5% of Women responded by saying they plan to spend 30 mins or more speaking with their mom on mother’s day, whereas only 34.8% of responded with the intention of doing so.

The study also showed that 20% plan on spending less on communications than last year, but of those who plan to spend less, 45.7% attribute the lower spending to the use of free/cheap messaging apps for calling.

Rebtel’s Mother’s Day survey survey was conducted during the first week of May using SurveyMonkey, an online survey service, which polled 723 U.S. mobile users.

*Note: According to the trade organization CTIA, there were approximately 328 million wireless service subscribers in the U.S. in 2011.

About Rebtel: Rebtel is the world’s largest mobile VoIP Company after Skype. Today, the company is growing rapidly with more than 15 million callers in 54 countries with a run rate of over 1 billion minutes per year. The company is on pace to hit $85 million in revenue at the end of 2012. Rebtel users call through smartphone or desktop apps or any other phone to make free or cheap international calls. For more information, or to start using Rebtel, go to www.rebtel.com .

Here’s a few of the higlights:

–84% of U.S. Mobile Subscribers (274M) Plan on Reaching Out to their Mom this Mother’s Day

–Women (76%) are much more likely to get mom a gift than men (66%)

–Over 40% of women (42%) plan on talking to their moms more than 30 minutes, whereas only 35% of men plan on doing so.

–Mobile phone is by far the most popular method of reaching out with nearly three out of four respondents (72.7%) preferring that method; with VoIP (via services like Skype, Viber or Rebtel) –beating out Landlines, (12% vs 11%); followed by video chat (3%), and email (.8%).