By Sheila Gazov

"holiday stress"Are you worried about the Holiday Season and asking yourself, “How will I manage the stress of decorating, while purchasing gifts, hosting guests and preparing for festivities?”

If so, you will worry no longer once you understand the What Color Is Your Brain?® concept, which simplifies the complex nature of your character traits and talents. It easily explains why your perspective differs from the viewpoints of others and how similarities and differences impact your routines and relationships, especially during the holidays. This colorful personality profile offers solutions to the dilemmas that can dampen your holiday celebrations.

The following are some insightful brain color tips to help you enjoy the Holiday Season with your family members, friends and co-workers.

What creates Brain Colors’ stress during the holiday season?

Yellow: Last minute shopping

Blue: Not being with loved ones

Green: The hustle and bustle

Orange: Obligations and little time for pure fun

How do the Brain Colors like shop?

Yellow: With a list they use all year long and are done way ahead of time

Blue: At stores where they know the sales people and get personal attention

Green: On-line, so they don’t have to deal with people and be hassled

Orange: At the last minute because they never plan, they’d rather play

What gifts do the Brain Colors like to receive?

Yellow: Practical gifts: Wallets, sweaters or personal organizers

Blue: From-the-heart presents: Hand-made, very personal or gifts for their pets

Green: Sensible gifts: Books, brain games or high-tech gadgets

Orange: Fun gifts: Toys/tools, cash (so they can buy what they want) or sports paraphernalia

How do the Brain Colors deal with decorating for the holidays?

Yellow: Have all their traditional decorations stored in a specific place

Blue: Have a family get-together to decorate with hand-made decorations

Green: Have an efficient system of how the decoration must be done

Orange: Have no idea where they put anything and run out to buy what they need at the last minute

Which activities do the Brain Colors prefer during the holidays?"hassled-stressed out shopping

Yellow: Organized, scheduled and time-honored activities

Blue: A variety of celebrations with family and friends

Green: Alone time

Orange: Outdoor or indoor games, and time to play with their toys and have fun

You still might feel or think that some people are difficult. However, now you will have a better appreciation of their Brain Color perspective. Keep in mind that:

1. How you see yourself, may not be how others see your Brain Colors.

2. The Brain Color concept is an explanation of an individual’s behavior and feelings, but not an excuse for inappropriate behavior.

3. Everyone is a “Brainbow” blending of your Brain Colors.

4. Each Brain Color to feels comfortable and thrives in different holiday celebration settings.

Now you can enjoy a Hassle-Free Holiday Season with less stress and more time for fun, because you are knowledgeable about the “Brain Colors” of everyone involved, including your own!

Sheila Glazov will get the crowd cheering at your next meeting or conference! Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker & Educator ~ What Color Is Your Brain? Workshops & Book