Stay on Top and Create Your Success!

If you’re like me, you’re trying to stay positive…yet realistic. However, I know it’s getting harder to do unless you live under a rock. Every time you turn on the news, turn on the radio or read the paper you hear a snazzy new, yet depressing way to remind us that we are doomed. Okay, I kid, I kid. Doomed is what they want us to think, so that we’ll keep tuning in. However, you can’t escape phrases such as, “in these tough economic times”, “we have to remain recession proof”, “it’s a credit crunch”, “get debt-free”, “you can escape foreclosure and bankruptcy”, etc. etc. Scary how fear drives our society, huh?

I thought the one place I could escape it all was the peaceful steam room of my gym and get my “me time” on. WRONG. As I sat down, ready to release a deep sigh, on both sides of me were two gentlemen belly-aching about the economy. Great!
In a loud obnoxious voice one says, “Man, the only place you can probably get a job now is McDonald’s! Their sales are up 80% from what I heard.”
The other guy replies, “McDonald’s? Yeah, they have those $1 meals. Times are tough man. I heard Condoms are up in sales though, crazy huh?” We all had to laugh at that one. Hot passion and greasy Big Macs don’t actually go together, well, ~a-hem~, maybe if your into that. LOL

But..see how rumors get started? I found out McDonald’s is actually up 7.1% since January. However, even if it was 80%, I doubt flipping burgers at Mickey Dees is the last solution for us all. I did a little research on the condom information and low and behold…Trojan is doing pretty well.Their VP of Marketing says. “If people don’t have the money to go out to a fancy dinner or are looking to cut back, Trojan gives them some real affordable ways to stay in and make some great memories together,” Contraception may also be more popular during a time when families are stretching dollars and want to avoid having more mouths to feed. “Obviously people in general want to avoid … unintended pregnancies.”
Hmmm, when you put it that way, makes a lot of sense. And here I thought people were just relieving their recession stress in a safe and fun way. LOL

Well, my point I want to get across, and believe me I have one is please don’t give up and don’t get sucked in. Trust and believe there are still people making money and spending money. It’s your job as an entrepreneur to find them! Many entrepreneurs might be a tad shaken up by the news, especially if you have all of your eggs in ONE basket. However, when you add Entrepreneur to your title, you also inherit “Risk Taker” as your middle name . You also should know you have to have a few services and products to rely on, not just ONE. If you don’t have a risk-taking bone in your body…well, this might not be the life for you.

If you haven’t operated your business on your toes as yet, there’s no better time than now. Get cracking with some basic strategies to keep your business momentum and not get lost in the shuffle with all of the others who have shut their doors. You have to work on creative ways to stay current and stay on people’s minds all without breaking the bank!

Gone are the days of having one job or one big contract.Whether you just started your business as a ‘side hustle” or you’ve been in business for many years, you should know that BEING CONTENT AND COMFORTABLE is a recipe for disaster.

Key Ways to Stay on Your Toes (ah what the heck) in These Economic Times. (It does have sort of a ring to it.) LOL

Know Your Vision

  • Create your vision for your business.
  • Get clear on what you want, how you want to be remembered and who your target market is
  • Create an action plan and go for it. Don’t be another person with an idea that never comes to pass.

Join Forces

  • Don’t try to take on all costs alone. Work with a partner on various projects.
  • Cross promote and get creative.

Tighten up your spending!

  • Print less and if you have to print to review something on paper, recycle paper in your home.
  • Have two cells phones and a home phone? Consolidate! Eat out? Start cooking more.
  • Barter more!
  • Share an office space or cut it out if you really don’t need it.

Become a social marketing superstar or a local celebrity.

  • Put yourself out there and start promoting yourself.
  • Turn yourself into a local celebrity.
  • Create a blog or an ebook.

Never Be Forgotten!

  • If you still have a full-time job, work on ways on becoming indispensable. Go above and beyond Ask for projects and create some of your own.
  • Learn new skills and also ask your manager what can you do to go to the next level.
  • Surprise an old client with a “Thinking of you” card
  • Shoot them an article with tips. They’ll remember you next time around when they need you!
  • Call call call…Go through old numbers and stay in touch with old contacts. You never know how things have changed for either of you. One may in the position to help another.

Seek Support

  • Get the guidance you need to key you on track to achieve your goals.
  • Create a mastermind group, advisory board, find a mentor, or a coach ~shameless plug~ Try me out at NO COST!

Get a sales team or sales rep who work on commission only

  • Don’t think you can do it alone. Learn how to delegate and get help!

Work that Room Baby!

  • Network more. Get from behind that desk and work that room! Get out of your comfort zone and be seen!

Remember, challenging times for some mean opportunities for others. Work on developing a mindset shift and push your fear out of way. I’m not saying to live in a bubble of denial behind rose colored glasses, however as a collective, let’s all try to be mindful of our words and thoughts and remain positive and persistent in achieving our goals

Anything you want IS attainable.

Own Your Power!


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photo source: unsplash