Here is our latest list of books worth reading. Each week we get books submitted by authors to consider for our next reading list. These are the books that ‘made the cut.” From Romance, to Trauma, to Lifestyle, to Business, Travel and Entertainment and somewhere in between these books are at the top of our list of books we think our readers would find worthwhile, entertaining, enlightening and educational. Feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think about any of the books on this list. Click on the titles to learn more about each book. ENJOY!

*Floating Underwater – a Novel by Tracy Shawn

 *The Art of Badassery: Unleash Your Mojo with Wisdom of the Dojo by Jennifer Cassetta

Out of The Shadows: The Ladies of Château Amboise by Pamela Shields

*The Sh!t No One Tells You About Divorce: A Guide to Breaking Up, Falling Apart, and Putting Yourself Back Together by Dawn Dais

*Chasing Tarzan by Catherine Forster

*The New Playbook for Women at Work by Randi Braun

*Breath for the Soul by Jan E. Patterson MD and Phyllis lark Nichols 

*Our Song: A Memoir of Love and Race by Lynda Smith Hoggan

*Hidden Heir by Rose D. Patruno 

*Not my Circumstance by Kendall T. Johnson

*But Definitely Wear Mascara by Nikki Oden

*Ask Yourself this by Shari Leid

*The Grace in Grief by Laura Fletcher 

*Friends with Issues by Meredith Berlin

*“Growth: A Mother, Her Son, and the Brain Tumor They Survived”

*In The Vanishing Hour by Sarah Beth Martin

*Choosing Survival by Lynn F Forney 

*The Next Great Step by  Beth Hendler-Grunt 

Filthy Rich Lawyers by Brian Felgoise and David Tabatsky

*Escaping the Dashia by Rebecca Inch-Partridge


The Zen of Learning to Ride a Motorcycle: How I Faced My Fears, Shifted Gears and Found Anxiety, Codependency and Depression by Leslie Reyes

Cultivating Transformations- A Leader’s Guide to Connecting the Soulful and the Practical and Workbook by Jardena London 

*From Junkie to Judge by Mary Beth O’Connor 

Being the Change by Drs. Dara G. Friedman-Wheeler and Jamie S. Bodnelos



Note these books were sent to us unsolicited and with no expectation of being published. We keep track of the books we receive and if appropriate add them to our lists. All links go to our Amazon affiliate channel. Some of the books listed can be purchased on the author website, Barnes and Noble and other book retail outlets.

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