Every month WE Magazine receives dozens of books for potential review and showcasing on our site.  My team and I choose 5-8 books to share with our readers.  Here are this month’s Worth Reading List (with a brief excerpt from each). Click on the cover or the title to read more.

"escapades by Lilly Atlas'Escapades by Lilly Atlas

Alyssa Jackson is one of the lucky ones. She has a thriving business, great friends, a devoted husband, an adorable daughter, and a scorching hot sex life that would be the envy of any married couple. Then, one tragic loss flips her world upside down. Floundering and unsure of how to cope with their grief, Alyssa and her husband drift apart until they are living as roommates instead of a deeply connected couple.


"around seattle in 80 dates by Renata M. Lubinsky"Around Seattle in 80 Dates: An Online Dating Journey Paperback by Renata M. Lubinsky

“Riveting, funny, heartwarming, honest–Around Seattle in 80 Dates is captivating right from the start. This book provokes thoughts and self-reflection and opens one’s eyes to the world of dating and self-discovery after a long-time marriage. Renata is enchanting and raw and not afraid of sharing her experiences as she goes through this healing and self-discovery process after a painful divorce. A must read!” ~ Nora Paxton, Life Coaching for Men.


"wicked River a Novel by Jenny Milchman"Wicked River: A Novel Paperback by Jenny Milchman

Six million acres of Adirondack forest separate Natalie and Doug Larson from civilization. For the newlyweds, an isolated backcountry honeymoon seems ideal-a chance to start their lives together with an adventure. But just as Natalie and Doug begin to explore the dark interiors of their own hearts, as well as the depths of their love for each other, it becomes clear that they are not alone in the woods


"goner by Ann Goethe"Goner by Ann Goethe

Goner follows the lives of four sisters from a progressive household in the Deep South. The narrative begins with their northern mother’s arrival in a Louisiana army town as a young newspaper reporter in 1943 and her hasty, unconsidered, marriage to a genteel older man. It follows the naive couple from their disastrous wedding night, to the birth of their first daughter on the same day their house is reclaimed by a returning G.I. The Sobrals migrate from Baton Rouge, to an isolated bayou plantation, and then on to a cotton town caught in the post war boom. Just before their fourth daughter is born, the Sobrals settle in BelleBend, a sleepy little town on the Mississippi River The Sobral sisters grow up listening to the haunting calls of riverboats and the rumbling of sugar cane trucks down the River Road; they attend BelleBend’s black church, and endlessly speculate about the relationship between their beautiful, remote mother and kindly absent-minded father.



"New Old Maid by Maureen Paraventi"The New Old Maid: Satisfied Single Women  by Maureen Paraventi

The women featured in The New Old Maid tell their stories with unflinching honesty and wry self-awareness, whether they’re discussing unhappy childhoods, men who didn’t measure up, or the fun and frustrations that come with being independent.

In addition to sharing the stories of real-life women, The New Old Maid takes a look at how depictions of fictional old maids in books, movies, stage plays and TV shows have evolved over time – and explains why such portrayals matter.

The New Old Maid speaks to a topic that’s trending and a demographic that’s growing

"a Matter of Chance by Julie Maloney"Matter of Chance: A Novel Paperback by Julie Maloney

When eight-year-old Vinni Stewart disappears from a Jersey shore town, Maddy, her distraught single mother, begins a desperate search for her daughter. Maddy’s five-year journey leads her to a bakery in Brooklyn, where she stumbles upon something terrifying. Ultimately, her artist neighbor Evelyn reconnects Maddy to her passion for painting and guides her to a life transformed through art.


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