By Lynnette Vetsch

Picture this:
You get up in the morning, it is a bright and beautiful day, and you are in a good mood because you got the sleep you needed. You get ready for work, turn on the news, perhaps read the headlines in the newspaper and then you walk over to your computer check your Facebook account or email. As you eat breakfast, you multi task trying to get the kids off to school. As you grab your car keys on the way out the door, you are feeling a little down, perhaps even starting to feel agitated or cranky – and you definitely have less energy.
Has that happened to you before? Ever wonder why or what you could do about it?
Here is something to consider. What was on the news? What was on your newsfeed in Facebook or in your email? Have you really taken a look at how many people are complaining out there? It is a mass epidemic! There appears to be less and less positive communication to feed our minds out there or so it would seem.
Actually, there is an abundance of positive communication and people out there than there is negative, it is a matter of “spring cleaning” the negative to allow the positive to grow and flourish. The negative things in our world don’t need much attention to grow like a bad weed in the garden. In fact even if you try to ignore the problem, it spreads until you decide to do something to remove it completely.
Now I know there are some things we think we can’t do to get rid of the negativity in the world, but really there are things you are in control of. Why not start by “spring cleaning” the complainers in your world?
Do you ever sit and watch your Facebook newsfeed? How many on there update their status messages with a complaint? Mr. Smith “has a headache”; Jane Doe says, “the noise is awful and the kids are screaming again”; Susan Dreamer writes, “I am soooo sick!”. And so on. Then, there are those that update frequently with many complaints. Sometimes, reading these will zap a little positive energy from you to the point that you can almost feel what they are complaining about and thus it starts to pull you down.
Watch and see how many actually are complaining on a regular basis; my guess is you will find more than you had thought would be there. Then choose to do some “spring cleaning” and hide them or de-friend them depending on what your relationship is. You can then monitor what happens to your energy and I will bet ten to one it goes up.
It is a small task, but one that has great power if you give it the room to grow in your world. You can start there and then move on to the bigger negative things in your world and remove those. This will make room for so much more sunshine, happiness and energy to bloom!
About the Author: Lynnette Vetsch is the Director Amaxa Coaching and Training Services. You can find her online at