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"Spring Clean And Organize Your Business Tasks"

The spring is the season widely associated with tons of joy and positive emotions. The sun is shining, the air is fresher, the birds are singing, people are smiling and enjoying the nice weather, everything looks brighter and more beautiful. However, the spring brings about the need of entire cleaning of your house, putting the winter clothes and boots in the closet and replacing them with colorful, lighter ones. But what should we do if we want to perform some “spring cleaning” in the office? At first it might seems like an easy task but when you start organizing all the stuff you find yourself lost, there are so many things to pay attention to.


We have mentioned the word “organizing” in the previous sentence for a reason. Yes, the proper organization is the secret to deal with the mess in your business tasks. It may look like it’s here to stay but if you continue reading, you will see that it can be so easy to handle it.


  • Throw away all the paperwork you consider to be unnecessary- you will be amazed how much space you will save.
  • All the folders on the shelves should be checked over and put in order. We recommend the alphabetical order but the decision is yours. Set them in the most convenient for you way.
  • Have you ever taken into account the number of the junk letters you receive every day? Your email must be stuffed with more or less useful and appropriate news for a final sale or an excursion at half price. Give your best to sort out the letters in your e-mail and delete the junk ones. You will not only make space for the new ones you are going to receive but finding an important information sent by email will be much easier.
  • Create your own system for dealing with the business tasks. The best way to achieve that is making a list with the task for the day or the whole week and strictly follow it. Admittedly some of the tasks are too complicated for your liking but don’t skip them. Sooner or later you have to deal with them so postponing can only make matters worse. In order not to fall behind the schedule, set time to finish a particular task and don’t distract yourself with other activities. This method works every time and makes the “spring cleaning” even enjoyable.
  • And last but not least – try to keep your desk clean and organized. Having a pile of papers scattered all over it and combined with empty soda cans and a couple of dirty glasses doesn’t make a really good first impression. Plus finding a small item such as your pen can turn out to be a pretty time-consuming task.

Everybody has their own management and cleaning methods to stick up to but the essential thing is to get rid of the unnecessary stuff and organize the useful one in the best possible way. Having a well maintained office area all year round helps you to be prepared for the challenges at work and keeps the need of spring cleaning to the minimum.


Author bio: As a manager of Shiny London, Connie Jameson has seen a lot of different business places and their design and she has many ideas for a different spring clean.


Picture credits: flickr