Speakers Announced for Virtual Women’s Media Conference on October 17, 18, 19 & 24th! Among Media and Public Relations Experts, Raleigh Pinskey, Author of 101 Ways to Promote Yourself to Give a Workshop on How to be a Heat-Seeking Media Magnet 

Miramar, FL (September 28, 2007) – The WECAI Network™ announces the lineup of guest experts for the first ever virtual writing and publishing conference taking place from October 17-19 and 24, 2007 The Women’s Media Summit – the eConference for Small Business and Professional Women will feature 16 media and public relations experts. The media and public relations experts include:

  • Raleigh Pinskey, Promote Yourself Now & The Raleigh Group
  • Paul Hartunian, The Publicity Junkie
  • Annie Jennings of Annie Jennings PR Sherryl Lin Haldy
  • Sherryl Lin Haldy, Senior Executive Producer – Modavox, Inc. & Voice America Radio
  • Kirsten Osolind, Reinvention Marketing
  • Shannon Cherry, Cherry Communications and Be Heard Now
  • Beverly Mahone, Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame and Enjoy Your Menopause
  • Lori Prokop, Keyboard Culture Blog Community™  
  • Ponn Sabra, Empower Women Now  
  • Catherine Franz, Let’s Talk Marketing Show
  • Jason Kauffman of Annie Jennings PR
  • Nancy Juetten, Main Street Media Savvy
  • Christine Louise Hohlbaum, Wasabi Publicity, Inc
  • Samantha Ettus, Media Experts Guide
  • Penny Haynes, 1st Podcast Publishing
  • Marilyn Jenett, “Feel Free to Prosper

Highlights from the virtual women’s media conference include the following:  

  • How to Get a Million Dollars in Free Publicity
  • How Blogging Can Help You Get Media Attention
  • How to be a Heat-seeking Media Magnet – 101 Ways to Promote Yourself! 
  • “How to create web-optimized media releases – Write for the spiders and the media will take notice!”
  • “The Inside Scoop on Getting on Radio”
  • Developing Your Media Platform Using a Storyboard
  • PR Strategies to Become a Smash Hit Business Success
  • The World of RADIO – Working with the media to Make it Work for Your Success
  • The Deadly Sins of Do-It-Yourself Publicity and Why to Avoid Them
  • Managing the Message: What Works with Media Outreach
  • Creating Your Own Syndicated Internet Radio or TV Show
  • Expose Yourself to the Media with Your Personal Brand

Each one-hour or longer session will be filled with valuable information attendees can take away to become a sought after media magnet and allow time for the public relations and media experts to answer questions. This virtual women’s media conference is taking place online in a web-based conference room hosted by the WECAI Network™. Registered guests will have their choice of attending via the online conference room or they can call into a teleconference bridge line to participate. Registrants who are unable to attend any or all of the event, will have access to the live recordings online after the event and can also purchase a complete set of audio CD’s. 

About The WECAI Network™The WECAI Network ™, Founded by Heidi Richards, has more than 1200 members repressing 54 countries is the virtual organization that helps women to business on and off the web. The WECAI Network has hosted and sponsored two past summits, The Woman’s Wealth Summit and the Women’s Internet Marketing Summit. To learn more about The WECAI Network ™ go to http://www.WECAI.org. For more information and to register for the Women’s Media Summit; visit http://www.WomensMediaSummit.com.   Media Please Contact: Heidi Richards, 877…, Heidi@wecai.org