The Signs of Domestic Violence From Danielle Joy Linhart

Domestic Violence is something we are always learning about. Unfortunately, there are a lot of woman who still get caught up in a relationship that becomes abusive. No matter how loud we yell, no matter how loud we scream and no matter how supportive we are women end up in an abusive relationship. They end up there right under the radar, right under the symptoms they just can’t see.

But, the more we speak up and speak out about domestic violence the more women will notice. We just have to keep speaking up and joining forces more and more. The biggest step is to speak up if you feel like something is wrong in your relationship. Please speak to someone you trust and love if you feel as though something isn’t right. This is a vital important part in order to change the world regarding domestic violence.

Below is a list of attributes of domestic abuse you should be aware of:


1) Name calling, insults, continually critical of you.

2) Does not trust you and acts jealous or possessive.

3) Tries to isolate you from family or friends.

4) Monitors where you go, who you call and who you spend time with.


1) Damages property when angry (thrown objects, punched walls, kicked doors, etc.).

2) Pushes, slaps, bites, kicks or chokes you.

3) Abandons you in a dangerous or unfamiliar place.

4) Uses a weapon to threaten or hurt you.

Why does domestic violence happen?

1) Abusers objectify women, unable to see them as people. They do not respect women as a group and instead, they view them as property or sexual objects.

2) Abusers typically have low self-esteem and feel powerless and inadequate, despite their successes in life (e.g., academic, professional, economic, athletic).

3) Abusers externalize the causes of their behavior, casting blame on outside circumstances (e.g.. stress, a bad day, his partner’s behavior, chemical dependency, etc.)

4) Abusers may be charming, outgoing, friendly between violent episodes. (See The Cycle of Abuse.)

5) Abusers may be extremely jealous, possessive, ill-tempered, unpredictable, cruel to family pets, and verbally abusive.

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