"The Solo Mom Project - Beauty is Empowerment"The Solo Mom Project, Lipsynk Cosmetics is the brainchild of Denise Wiggins. Launched in 2014, Denise wanted to empower women through her cosmetic line by giving back to the community with makeovers for single mothers. Beauty is empowerment and if a women feels beautiful she can accomplish a lot with a confident look.

At Lip Synk Cosmetics, Denise and her team have just launched the ‘Solo Mom’s Makeover Campaign’, the purpose is to provide a platform for people who are in the position to give, to be able to give to Solo Mom’s.  The mission is to empower and inspire solo mom’s through body, soul and spirit enhancement makeovers. This is a global effort.

Through nominations collected on the Lip Synk Cosmetics company website, they will select one Solo Mom per month to receive a makeover and life strategy session. The makeover is provided by licensed Hair Stylist,  the Skin Consultation is given by a Professional Makeup Artist and the Fashion consultation is given by a Professional Stylist. The life strategy session is a private dialogue with the Solo Mom and Business, Entrepreneurial Professionals that will help set goals, chart out strategies to reach the goals and establish a tracking system to help the Solo Mom stay on track with the goals. The Company will have a continuous reach back to each Solo Mom and continue to provide them mentorship to help them live life to their fullest potential.

They certainly hope to be able to touch more than one Solo Mom per month, but as they launch, to be able to create a solid footprint, they are moving at a pace that is allowing them to set a standard of excellence while reaching their own professional growth goals.

Denise knows, all too well, the struggles of being a Solo Mom. She also knows what a great difference an ‘inside out coaching’ can do for a woman with esteem, financial, or other personal challenges. As written in her book, “My Struggle’s, God’s Glory”, she chronicles the story of her journey towards freedom of pain and struggle, to meet the basic needs of her children. Denise was committed then to never stop helping others and she is on her way. Denise has the passion, focus and drive to make this project a global endeavor to help women all over the world feel beautiful not only on the outside but within. Denise hopes to land a well respected celebrity to represent the brand as well. Her vision is amazing and can help so many deserving women that struggle each day! With the talent, drive and determination Denise has, this movement can only get stronger and reach a global platform!

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