That’s the theme for the next three teleconferences for the Women’s eCommerce Association.

Here’s the scoop:

FRIDAY, January 16, 2009 ~ Using Social Media to Grow Your Business with Debbie Weil, Author of highly acclaimed “The Corporate Blogging Book”



1 PM EST ~ Debbie Weil is a corporate & CEO blogging and social media consultant and sought-after speaker based in Washington DC. Her clients include Global 100 and Fortune 500 companies. She is the author of the widely praised The Corporate Blogging Book published in the U.S. by Penguin Portfolio, and also in Italian, Mandarin Chinese and a UK edition. She has written BlogWriteForCEOs, a leading blog on social media marketing, since 2003. To learn more about Debbie, visit her online at . In this session, Debbie will talk about blogging and other social media and how you can leverage it to grow your business.  

To RSVP for this complimentary session, send a message to Heidi (at) withSocial Media Session” in the subject line

 Wednesday, January 21, 2009 ~ Mind Your Multicultural Manners with Lisa Finan

11 AM EST ~  Lisa La Valle-Finan is the Creative Director of getGlobalized, An intercultural communication agency based in the New York/New Jersey metro area.  As an intercultural specialist and writer, she is constantly developing ways to create a better understanding of people in diverse environments by emphasizing the importance of manners and cross-cultural understanding. Currently creates customized, cross-cultural competency workshops to facilitate cultural immersion and sensitivity. Highly researched and well-produced materials include workbooks, activities, PowerPoint, and lectures for a thoroughly engaging cultural experience about international and intra-office business, general travel, relocation, ex-pat and country briefs.  Learn more about Lisa and her company at


To RSVP for this complimentary session, send a message to Heidi (at) with “Mind Your Manners” in the subject line.


* Wednesday, January 21, 2009 ~ ViralKungFu: Is your business in the game? The future of Internet Marketing with J. B. Glossinger

1 PM EST ~ J. B. Glossinger is the founder of , an online community that has quickly blossomed into the world’s largest personal development Website. From Argentina to Zimbabwe, loyal listeners in more than 80 countries tune in daily to hear his podcast, skyrocketing it to the top spot on iTunes Health. In addition to his work on , J.B. also founded the innovative media-marketing firm ViralKungFu, Inc., a company specializing in social and traditional media. JB is a personal development coach, a well-regarded keynote speaker and the author of Get Out Of Neutral . He has an MBA and a PhD in Metaphysics.  You can no longer rely only on your traditional marketing plan. The Internet continues to explode with new and proven methods to target your market. If you want to continue to attract and retain customers, you need to have an effective Internet marketing strategy. During this interview, J. B will show you how to lay a strong foundation for your Internet marketing plan and more.

This session is EXCLUSIVE for Charter and Lifetime Members.  If you are interested in attending, send a message to Heidi (at) withViral Kung Fu” in the subject line.