By Christine Comaford

Even in this rough economy, we know that this is still the land of opportunity! In fact, millions of women still dream about running their own business! Sadly, only a few thousand set out to do so, and only a few hundred become financially free as a result of their efforts. But there is one thing that can guarantee you a good start – and that’s simply taking the risk to do it.

There are two ingredients that women entrepreneurs must have to find success and freedom.  Number one is a mentor to show them how to get the RESULTS they seek, and number two is a proven step-by-step plan

Whatever you do, get yourself a mentor to help you create your step by step plan and build a foundation for success. And as you create this, remember that Information + implementation = TRANSFORMATION. Transformation is the name of the game when you’re making a dream into your reality. Your business, your marketing, your sales, your team – none of it will not transform if you don’t implement what learn. 

Here are the top six roadblocks to success and some of the paths around or through them.

#1: You don’t know your End Game. REMEDY: Figure out where you want your business to be in 5 years. Be specific! Do you want to sell it? If so, for how much and to whom? Do you want to build a lifestyle business that you’ll run for the rest of your life? If so, how much revenue do you want to generate each year? Knowing your end game will help you make specific sales, marketing, partnership, team, and structure decisions

#2: You work for their business – it doesn’t work for you. REMEDY: You are the boss, not your business. What do you want it to do for you? How many hours do you want to work weekly? How much do you want to pay yourself? Do you want to have employees or contractors? Do you want structure or to shoot from the hip? Outside financing or self-fund? Direct, indirect, or both, sales? Set some boundaries so you don’t become your business’s slave.

#3: You haven’t designed your business to be Sizzling Hot. REMEDY: Know clearly what you are offering, why it is compelling, and why you are uniquely qualified to provide this product/service. Beef up your team with advisors to boost your credibility / sizzle factor.

#4: You haven’t Secured a Killer Support System. REMEDY: Every successful entrepreneur has a mentor, a coach, and a community they are part of. Get yours – no excuses! (And remember, WE online is a great place to find some of those relationships.

#5: You haven’t yet found their Oprah. REMEDY: Your mentor will help you get “made” and connect you to key influencers in your market. Finding and fostering the relationship with your Oprah is key.

#6: You constantly get in your own way! REMEDY: Realize that you don’t know everything, invest in learning what you don’t know, and get help from your mentor.

To your continued success! 

Christine Comaford, CEO of Mighty Ventures, Inc. is a NY Times Best Selling Author