Check out this great human-interest video about HypFoods in Seattle, WA



Croquet Creative is the food-centric production company of which I am majority owner and co-founder.  We do food event planning, production and taping for client-casting (TV, web, DVD, et al).  This short feature on Chef Kathy Casey’s latest book, Sips & Apps, was part of a larger story that we are developing for cable TV on a daycation destination at Columbia Winery in Woodinville, WA.  Kathy was the celebrity guest there recently.  She brought great appetizers, signed copies of her books and also sold products from her retail line.  My show is called HypFoods and we’re all about a hypoallergenic approach to food prep for folks with food allergies.  The footage for Sips & Apps was shot to work for both the cable TV daycation theme AND the HypFoods audience.  This work is copyrighted to Kathy Casey Inc and Croquet Creative LLC.

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