By Marion Witte

Child advocacy groups estimate at least 500,000,000 children worldwide are subjected to abuse each year.  Such mistreatment occurs in every country in the world, including the United States.  Reports issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, based on cases investigated by child protective service agencies, show that 800,000 children in America are victims of abuse and neglect annually. Estimates suggest that millions of other cases go unreported. The life-long psychological damage to children with these experiences is immeasurable.  Violence against women, much of it perpetrated by men who were themselves abused as children, is all too familiar in our culture and society. These growing epidemics must be stopped at the root level.
As our global societies become more interconnected, it is time to focus our attention on making the lives of the planet’s children healthier and happier.  By doing so we will effect a dramatic change in the world we turn over to the next generation.
Perhaps the most important things we can do are the simplest things:
Every day, commit to being as kind and loving as possible to all children who come into your life.
Develop a philosophy that we as a society will no longer allow, enable or tolerate the neglect, abuse or exploitation of any child.
Be passionate about the above two steps!!
The Angel Heart Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness about children’s rights as we work to create a “Safe and Just World for All Children” for the youngest citizens on the planet.

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Today: June 13th is  is Abused Women and Children Awareness Day. This post is in recognition of this day to raise awareness of what we seldom see unless we experience it ourselves.  For more information contact Angel Heart Foundation at (Marion Witte is the Founder)