Meet Tina Wick, Greenpurse Designer and Owner in Kohler, WI

For as long as Tina can remember, she has been making crafts, quilts, clothing, purses and bags from used and unwanted materials. She would keep the scraps of yarn and fabric from her six older  sisters and make throws, vests or gifts for the family. She graduated in 1979 and was married in 1981. In 1987 her husband divorced her, leaving her with 3 children under the age of 5.

Without a job or much experience, she was forced to go on welfare and did so for the next two years. She was hired at a local ad agency in 1989 and started her first business in 1998. 35 years ago she made her first purse for a cousin when she was in the 8th grade and sold it to her for $7. It was crocheted round with a two inch depth and a cereal box glued to the insides for support. Throughout her life she has continued to make creations from clothing in disrepair, grocery bags, old upholstery fabric and the like.

When Tina’s first business began to slow in September 2007, she decided it was time to pursue a new venture, her true passion, making something out of nothing. Greenpurse was conceived. Products include purses, bags, home decor, costume jewelry, flowers and baskets. Items are available to the general public or retailers on line at as well as  email or telephone and in person. She also hosts workshops, home and e-parties and supplies gift cards in any denomination.  Her 20 years experience in advertising, (11 of them in her own business) allows her to oversee all the aspects and operations of Greenpurse, including corporate ID, website, design, advertising, production and execution. She currently donates 10% of all sales (not profits) to a charity for abused children. Her ultimate goal is to do it one day upon her retirement, for 100% profit to these charities.