couplelove Okay, we’ve all heard the whispers about our less than functioning libidos and irritating dryness as we age, right?  You wonder why bother with sex, if that’s what we have to contend with.  Stop the presses!!!  There are plenty of experts who agree that just isn’t so.  Sex does get better as you age.  Seriously!

1. Sex is more satisfying.

The American Journal of Medicine shows a surprising two-thirds of women were pretty darn thrilled with their sex lives, even those as old as 80. Happily, as many as 67% of older women admitted having orgasms either “most of the time” or “always” during sex.  Women like to talk about great sex and what better proof that sex really does get better with age.

2. Your man finally is getting it right.

Experience matters and partners over 40 do have the advantage.  Younger men are totally clueless about what a woman wants and needs.  With age, comes the wisdom in knowing the importance of satisfaction.

3. Looking “hot” causes undo pressure.

We can’t stop the birthdays from happening and as much as we can slow the aging process by really taking care of ourselves, we simply can’t halt it forever.  Don’t psyche yourself out trying to look younger, because it will hinder your sex appeal.  Be proud of the beautiful and mature woman you have become.  Mind over matter is pretty darn powerful.

 4. Years with the same sex partner will increase your happiness.

Semen is good for something other than making babies. It’s actually filled with two “feel good” hormones known as oxytocin and serotonin.  Studies have actually shown that woman who have been having sex with the same man on a regular basis, actually have lower levels of depression and higher levels of joy and happiness.

5. Take Your Time

When we were young, quickies were erotic and fun. Not so much now. As we get older, things take a little longer and that means arousal … for our male partners as well.  Sometimes we need help with lubrication and being relaxed enough to really enjoy a good lovemaking session. Now, more than ever, we have more free time.  The key is using it.  Foreplay is your friend so, cuddle, snuggle, kiss and give things a chance to get hot and heavy.