Building flat-pack furniture is the favourite DIY task that leads to sex (62%) 

  • Painting and plastering (55%) and gardening (41%) rank second and third respectively With 12% of the vote, gutter cleaning takes last place 
  • Nearly a fifth (17%) of people voted DIY as their best sexual encounter in comparison to only 4.5% for their wedding night

2020 has been the year for DIY amateurs and experts. From skincare to house renovations, DIY has certainly  kept the world moving. So research from showing that sex after DIY projects were favoured  most by voters wasn’t too surprising. 

With DIY jobs three times more likely to lead to you getting ‘lucky’ than on your wedding night, were interested in delving deeper and thus surveyed 2,336 couples, asking them which  projects were the most sexually enticing. They also spoke to dating and sex experts who explain why this is  the case. 

Get ready to shop at IKEA because building flat pack furniture is the DIY task that puts us in the mood most with 62% of votes. From giving the units a good hammering to testing their durability, this DIY job is most definitely a good drilling exercise.  

Painting and plastering walls is the second most popular DIY project that leads to sex. With 55% of votes, this task proves to be as complimentary as colours. With paint covered on you and your partner, this fun and cheeky task will leave you wanting to strip more than just the walls. 

The third most popular DIY task that often leads to sex is gardening – with 41% of votes. With this year full of lockdowns, couples have had more thyme to spend outside getting hot and sweaty with each other whilst doing tasks like mowing the lawn, trimming trees and bushes, and flower potting. 

In fourth, fifth and sixth are putting up furniture (40%), paving and redoing driveways  & patios (38%), and upscaling furniture (36%).  As heavier-handed tasks, these jobs are likely to get you sweating and glistening – an alluring image for all. These projects will show off your muscles and convey to your partner that you’re more than capable of being creative outside of DIY as well.

Last on the list is gutter cleaning with 12%. Although this task doesn’t scream sex, it’s clear that a high pressured shower will be needed – a perfect excuse to save money on the water bill. 

In addition, people were asked what they found so attractive about tackling DIY tasks with a partner? Quality time together –

86% Roleplay fantasy – 32% 

Already dirty – 11% 

Watching significant other get dirty – 8% 

Watching significant other work hard – 6% spoke to dating expert Chris Pleines from who explained why couples  might enjoy DIY more: 

  1. Wedding night sex is a cliché 

It is already given and known by everyone that a couple will be having sex on their wedding night. But having  sex after a day of renovation is something new, that’s why it’s dirty, exciting, and well, fun! 

  1. Creativity at its finest 

After a DIY activity, your creative hormones are overflowing. With that, having sex after it makes you add some  twist on the “usual serving.” Also, DIY activities keep people in a good mood which is also a good starting point  for having fun and exciting sex. 

  1. Last wave of energy 

Doing DIY activities are fun, but most of the time, physically tiring. However, there is a small amount of energy  that you need to release before finally going to sleep and rest. What better way to drain your energy with hot  and wild sex? After this, you’ll surely have one of the best sleeps you can have.” 

Jen Kaarlo, Dating & Sex Expert, also commented on the research: 

“Frequently these tasks (DIY) are procrastinated time and time again, so there’s an allure of achieving  something together. There’s usually such a build up to taking on the task, but finally doing it can be a release  and if you’re with your partner there are even more endorphins pumping. Also, how sexy is using a drill and  seeing an idea come to fruition? Successfully assembling a cabinet or working in the garden certainly ups the  ante from sweatpants and lounging on the sofa watching Netflix.“ 

Methodology:   surveyed 2,336 couples from the 4th– 14th December and asked them to recount their “best  sexual experiences”, and chose the top 14 answers. They asked respondents to further explain their DIY  experiences to see which proved the most popular. 

PriceYourJob subsequently asked two dating experts to give their thoughts on the attraction of sex after DIY  projects in addition to why it is more popular than sex on a wedding night.