Seven Traits of Financially Successful Women by Sharon Michaels

What does it take to go from worrying about money to financially self-sufficient?I know you’ve heard it said, “Success leaves clues.” So, one thing I enjoy doing is reading success stories about women (just like us) who took an idea, opportunity or challenge and turned it into financial security.

Over the past twenty plus years, I’ve read several hundred such success stories. And you know what I’ve found? I realized that there were common and powerful threads running through all the stories. Success really does leave clues.

Here are seven common traits of financially successful women who decided not to settle for less than financial independence and self-sufficiency:

1. A dream, a need and a burning desire to change from where they were to something better – something more financially and emotionally comfortable for themselves and their family. The dream became a passion and the passion became unstoppable.

2. A belief in themselves and their dream of financial security that was so strong and unstoppable, that obstacles and limitations would not and could not stop them. They were determined and motivated to make money!

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