"Selfishness....to be or not to be? "Are you selfish? Do you spend the majority of your time doing for everyone BUT yourself? Why? Guilt? Because you don’t do it without complaining do you? Think about it. You do it, but while you’re doing it for the kids, for the spouse, for work, for friends, you are complaining about it. You’re not happy about it. But if you don’t, you are filled with guilt. Ever stop and think about why? Could it be that you have been conditioned into believing it’s selfish not to be this way? It’s selfish to think of yourself first right?

You can’t say no. It’s selfish. I know, trust me, as a single mother most of my children’s lives, it’s difficult to put yourself first. And yet all the people that you are breaking your back for, are thinking of themselves first,and, are for sure not doing the same for you.

So why is it so hard for you? I want to help you realize that the most UNSELFISH thing you can do is think of yourself first. To put yourself before before anyone else allows you to love YOU. It affords you the ability to be your best. In fact, it is completely selfish to NOT think about yourself first. You are depriving people of all of you. You can’t completely be you if you are not happy.

Think how much better you would be if you did things you really wanted to do. What if you made time for you?You would be a happier person for all who love you. For your kids. You would be more productive at work. You would be healthier due to a lower stress level. You have nothing to offer anyone when you are miserable and unhappy. You can’t give your all to anyone when you are not whole.You lose who you are because you are too busy doing things for everyone else.

How could you possibly have a clue who YOU are anymore? All driven by guilt. Did you know guilt isn’t even a real emotion? Ego based and made, and no one can make you feel this way except your ego driven consciousness. You feel guilt when you feel like you are not living up to someones else’s expectations of what you should be. Well, who decides that? Who makes those guidelines? YOU DO! And the only person you have to impress is you. You are never responsible for anyone else’s opinion of you.

You are only responsible for you. Drop the guilt. Give yourself permission to to be all you can be for your family, and most of all, for you by being SELFISH!