"woman close-up"By Simone Kelly

There’s a war going on ladies and gentlemen! Oh no, I’m not taking about in Iraq,  Afghanistan, or Korea either.  There is the war of self-sabotage that many of us face on a daily basis. Many times its become so much apart of our make-up that we don’t even realize we are doing it. Getting closer to your inner-being will help you uncover when you do the things you do, so you can stop yourself from sinking in the quicksand even further. That’s why I’m such a big advocate of ME TIME so, that we can start to wake up.

I caught myself getting in a funk the other day and had to snap out of it and thankfully because of the self-development tools I have access too, I’m able to catch myself. One of the tools is something you can all get is A  JOURNAL!

Hey, we’re all human and it’s normal to go through ‘it’ sometimes, but if we don’t pay attention to US… the war inside of us can explode in all areas of our lives. So, WAKE UP  to what’s going on with you…

Here’s a little peek at what happens on both sides of the game.

Some of us:

  • Have poor habits that are detrimental to our health and well-being (alcohol, drug addiction, over-eating, etc.)
  • Are surrounded by toxic energy and don’t work on ways to improve the situations.
  • Continue to host lavish pity parties and drown ourselves in sorrow and pull others in.
  • Rather focus on “what ain’t” more than “what could be.” What you focus truly does EXPAND.
  • Are in love-less or abusive relationships just to feel worthy because you are in a ‘relationship’.
  • Become workaholics to avoid what’s really happening in our lives.
  • Are saving everyone else except ourselves and continuously put ourselves LAST!

These people who are living this way are clearly on the path to self-destruction. There are many dealing with just one or two of the things I mentioned or maybe even all of them. This can lead to depression, hopelessness, violence, rage and even a terminal illness.

Then, ah, then there’s Self love—(sweet music starts to play) Yes, self-love the other side of the game called life.

Some of us on this side:

  • Value our time alone to work on ourselves.
  • Surround ourselves with positive people.
  • Are in the process of forgiving ourselves or others.
  • Stay in a state of appreciation of a situation even if it seems like a bad situation at first.
  • Listen deeply to the messages within and trust our intuition.
  • Realize that there are options and we are not victims.
  • Actively seek assistance and not try to do it all on our own.
  • Dig deep to understand the lessons in life.
  • If we fail, we dust ourselves off and get back up again.
  • Express love for others.
  • Are emotionally open and don’t bottle things up.

Now the question is…which side are you on? Are you somewhere in the middle? Hey, there  is no judgment here, since it’s very rare that you can find someone 100% on either side. No one is perfect!

The key now is to realize that you definitely do have a choice of which side you want to be on. Think of the things you can do each day…you know? The  little baby steps towards self-love to honor and respect yourself. As I always say, it’s okay to be selfish. Me time spent working yourself has abundant rewards!

With that said, grab a journal and try answering the following questions.

1. Take a few moments to review that last three years of your life.

2. Write down three major indicants that lead you to where you are now.

3. What did it mean to you? Take a deeper look at the results of a death in family, break up, move, birth, illness, accident, new job, etc..  How did it effect you?

Incident 1:

Incident 2:

Incident 3:

4. Review each incident and write next to  them…What really happened? (Sometimes we make up stories and change the situation just to justify things. Take a step back and be honest with what REALLY happened here.)

5. What’s next for you? What are your options to move forward and move towards self-love in each  area. Realize that we have a choice, what choices will you make?

Please post your comments on where you are and what helps you move toward self-improvement each day! The more me time tips we can share the better 

Own Your Power!

Simone Kelly

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