"Self-Empowerment: Necessary for the Advancement of Women"The happiest and most successful women I’ve met are never fully contented with their lives; they strive to be better. And this is good, because self-empowerment begins with a personal decision to be better and not settle for what is. You need to move away from the status quo—away from what is mediocre, average, common, and ordinary—to achieve further growth. The first step is your decision that you can be even better, and do even more at a higher and more potent level. This requires courage, conviction and discipline; yet you are worth it, and others will most certainly benefit along with you.

“Better” means a lot of things to us. Better…
• In our appearance – usually this means losing weight, exercising, and improving our body to enhance our image and the first impression we give.
• In our financial condition.
• In our work role and performance.
• In our relationships with our partner/spouse.
• In our roles as mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends
• In our civic contribution to others and important community and environmental causes.
• And, in managing our own thinking, emotions, and behavior!

Ultimately, self-empowerment hinges on self-management as the means to shape your own life, and to be your best self. Self-management requires attentiveness and action to one self, first, before you can be truly effective with and for others.

Self-awareness occurs when you are genuinely “plugged in” to your own thinking and feelings respective to your behavior, and the outcomes you are experiencing… Think of it as a cycle, because, what we think, impacts the way we feel, and how we feel drives our behavior, which produces our outcomes. So, you must be self-aware to enable you to “course correct” – that is, self regulate – and make adjustments to your thinking, feelings and behaviors to better help you achieve your desired results.
And, a positive self-care routine will help you build and sustain your physical, emotional and mental toughness – so you have the energy, focus, drive and moxie – to fully apply yourself over the duration of your journey to get more of what you want and are truly capable of.