If I could turn the hands of time, I’ll turn it forward to tomorrow. I want to move beyond with optimism and growth, taking the past which has gone by as my lessons in realizing the future with hope, courage and determination.” Author Unknown

HeidiBlueJacketSMTo say that 2009 has been a difficult year for many is probably putting it mildly. In fact, most people I talk to would say they cannot wait until this year is over.
WE Magazine for Women and Our Team of dedicated writers and volunteers are looking forward to a better 2010.  We are hopeful that there is a silver lining among all the clouds.  Hope and Optimism are what keep many of us sane during otherwise depressing circumstances. And this time of year is a time to take it easy and spread happiness to those we love, honor and admire. And compassion for those who are not as well off as us.
So in the spirit of the holiday season, my team and I wanted to share Santa Baby’s Top Ten Tips to Celebrate YOU this Holiday Season… and beyond.
#1 ~ WINTER WONDERLAND ~ Remember when everything seemed like a wonder to you? You’d look around in wide-eyed wonder as everything was fresh and new. Stop and Smell the roses. Literally! Enjoy the beauty of nature and each day as if it were your first. 
#2 ~ I Have a Little Dreidel ~ PLAY. Take a break. Turn off your computer. Yes, that means your laptop, PC, Mac… whatever.  In order to enjoy life, you must be around the living. Computers are nice, they are a necessity for business and they can also suck you in and take you away from important moments in your life. Don’t let them.
#3 ~ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ~ ENJOY the season. It’s okay to indulge on occasion, especially when the occasion is such a festive one.  Eat, drink and be merry.  Especially chocolate!  Since chocolate has been found to be good for you, make sure you get your share.  I keep a bowl of chocolate covered almonds by my front door. That way whenever I come or go, I can grab one or two (or a few if the mood strikes me). And best of all, I can share it with anyone who stops by. EVERYONE who visits my home knows where the chocolate is.
#4 ~ God Rest Ye Merry Gentle(wo)men Get Plenty of Rest. I know if you are indulging and going to holiday parties it may be impossible to do that, but when you are able, sleep in.  It just feels good. And it recharges you for the next day’s celebrations.
#5 ~ ‘Tis the Season to be JollyLAUGH. OFTEN. PERIOD.
#6 ~ Auld Lang Syne ~ Visit your wayback machine (and I don’t mean the Internet one). Rent the classics and take a walk down memory lane. Look at photos of holidays past. Reminisce.  Nothing like a little nostalgia to put us in the holiday spirit.
#7 ~ Do They Know It’s Christmas? ~ Many people around the globe will not have a joyful holiday season. GIVE what you can when you can. Everything I am able to give to others has come back to me tenfold in more ways than one. So, if you are among the fortunate few to have more than you need, have all that you need, and know of others in need, there is no time like the present to GIVE to others.  There are so many worthy causes to support, it would be impossible to list them all.  One I recommend is Global Giving at http://bit.ly/5JLH1M
#8 ~ It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year ~ Have an attitude of gratitude.  As I mentioned earlier hope and optimism will keep us sane and gratitude will keep us happy.  And besides when you show how grateful you are, people want to hang out with you.  BE thankful every day for all the things you do not need in life. And for a better and brighter future.
# 9 ~ DECK THE HALLS ~ Be sure and check out the WE Magazine Holiday Gift-Giving Guide for Women as there is still time to deck the halls and trees and walls, etc… http://bit.ly/1Z6LSF .
#10 Celebrate Imani ~ Whatever your faith, may it serve you well this holiday season as you contemplate the past, celebrate the present and anticipate your future.  May it be as bright and beautiful as you!
Thank you for allowing us into your life this past year. May 2010 be a year filled with overflowing abundance and joy for you and yours.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday,

Heidi and the WE magazine Team