Nearly 500 years old, San Juan Puerto Rico is the oldest capital city in the United States. Throughout its entire five centuries, it has made history and a culture that deserves exploration. More than the place’s rich heritage, it is also home to the world’s most-sought after attractions and panoramic sceneries. The island of Puerto Rico is blessed features  many natural attractions and great spots for sightseeing. This is what makes it one of the most liked destinations when it comes to tourism and vacation getaways. If you are planning to take a romantic vacation with your partner, why not choose a romantic vacation in Puerto Rico?

Once you visit Puerto Rico, you will find out that a couple of days are not enough to see all its majestic attractions. It would take you  visits before you could completely explore the entire goodness of the place. Whatever you are looking for in a vacation, Puerto Rico will give that to you! Romance, adventure, history, family affair, relaxation, and more – this place literally has them.

"A fountain near the city wall in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, "

Fountain – Old San Juan

A romantic vacation in Puerto Rico will fulfill your long-time dream. Whether you just want to stroll along its marvelous beaches or plunge into its offered adventure-filled outdoor activities, you can definitely enjoy the whole package as the place offers the best of both worlds. Here, couples can start their romantic vacation by taking pleasure in walking through Old San Juan, with its old-fashioned Spanish architecture. After this, you and your special one can go to an evening at exquisite restaurants where they can enjoy the sumptuous French, Italian, and Latin-Asian cuisines.

One of the most prevailing romantic aspects of Puerto Rico is the great panoramic beaches that border the entire island. You can take day trips via a ferryboat or plane to the islands of Vieques or Culebra and hop in to the most secluded beach escape in Puerto Rico. Aside from the thrilling island hopping ventures that you can experience, you can also benefit from other activities such going to spas where you and your partner can pamper yourselves. You will be pleased to find out a myriad of choices. You will not run out of things to do while you are in the island of Puerto Rico – the star of the Caribbean.

The climate is generally perfect for a romantic vacation in Puerto Rico. Wide golden beaches, lush green mountains, beautiful coastline, and even tropical rainforest add up to the countless vacation settings for sightseeing in this place. There are various adventure opportunities offered here such as snorkeling, wind sailing, playing tennis, and others. At night you will be surprised of the numerous casinos, discos, and other nightlife activities. With all these goodness, truly your romantic vacation in Puerto Rico will be a fulfillment.

Plaza de Colon

The attractions and adventurous places in Puerto Rico range from the most thrilling to the most alluring and relaxing spots. If you have already organized your romantic vacation in Puerto Rico, you can make a reservation now at the most trusted travel clubs that offers the best travel packages, great deals, and the best accommodations that will answer your dream romantic vacation.

You will never go wrong once you choose Puerto Rico as your vacation destination. Aside from the place’s all-natural beauty, you are also opened to a diverse of outdoor opportunities that you have never imagined.


Fountain Photo source: Eric Bowers  via Flickr

Plaza de Colon photo source ap0013   via Flickr