Whether you are traveling to London for work or for fun, this trip shouldn’t be a reason to miss your scheduled date night. In fact, being in this city with your loved one offers an amazing opportunity because it’s full of potential romantic adventure options which you don’t need to book too far in advance. Experience something new together with your partner to make this visit to London truly memorable.

8 Original Date Night Ideas for Couples Visiting London

Taste and learn about craft beer

"Camden Town Brewery_London"

Camden Town Brewery London (photo source: Wikimedia Commons)

There are quite a few small breweries in London and nearly each of them offers a tour during which you can not only see and learn how craft beer is made but also taste it. If you like beer and have never been to a brewery before, you definitely should go for it.

London breweries are exceptionally good at catering to tourists, so you are sure to have fun during the tour. Food is usually included, so take this tour in time for lunch or dinner. Each of London breweries has its own unique stories to tell. Beer lovers will enjoy discovering them all.

Have a date in the library

It’s not only a library but also one of the most amazing yet underappreciated museums in London. The place has a unique calm to it and it seems that the very air inside makes you relax.

Touring the library and admiring ancient tomes, elegant architecture and design, and the immensity of knowledge hidden in the millions of books within makes for a great date. There are cafes inside where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while relaxing and discussing the things you’ve just seen.

Go on a pub crawl

"London Pub Crawl"

If you are looking for more rowdy fun than an evening in the quiet library, you definitely should discover the joys of the London pub crawl . For a couple who wants to let go and have fun, this will be the perfect opportunity to do so and be sure that you get top quality experience in the city you don’t know yet.

Pub crawling is a time-honored British tradition. Drifting from one interesting place to the next while enjoying a drink gives you a chance to glimpse the extremely diverse London bar scene.

Take a quiz

If you are interested in something less drink and more fun, you will appreciate the wonder that is the Last Man Standing . Known as London’s most fun and fast-paced quiz, this experience is sure to make you laugh all night long.

Games and challenges might seem crazy at times, but what fun things aren’t? This kind of date can’t fail to make you overflow with positive emotions. You can also make new friends when bonding over the silly challenges with other players.

Listen to classical music by candlelight

These are small concerts where one can enjoy classical music. They take place at a variety of venues but the most amazing ones are reserved for old churches.

These concerts are harder to catch than other types of popular date night entertainment, but the magical experience is definitely worth the extra work.

Catch a movie in a ballroom

Going to the movies is a classic date night plan. But like everything in London, here you can give this plan an extra flair by enjoying a movie in a luxurious ballroom setting.

Rivoli Pop Up Film Screenings is an experience you shouldn’t miss if you come to London on the day of the event. The place is incredible and romantic, movies are classics, and food is always good.

Get spooked

What better way to spend a date night than getting scared out of your wits and clinging to each other while adrenalin fires up your blood? If this sounds like something you want to try, London is the perfect city for this. Never forget that this is the city that Jack the Ripper comes from and pretty much every old building here has its own ghost stories.

There are many ways to organize a spooky date in London. You can go on a tour of the many haunted mansions or trace the steps of Jack the Ripper. But you can also enjoy one of the many immersive experiences offered in the city. Options to consider are Handmade Mysteries and The Psychic Project . Each has a unique flair to it but high level of spookiness is guaranteed in any case.

Have a good laugh

"spending your date in one of the many comedy clubs in London"

Develop an appreciation for the renowned British humor by spending your date in one of the many comedy clubs in London . There you’ll get a chance to see new talent and hear some of the weirdest jokes in existence. In fact, attending a comedy show should be one of the must-have experiences for visiting Britain. This allows you to see a different side to the country and its culture.

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