Washington D.C. 8/28/2010

Yesterday I received  this letter from my dear friend and member of Women of Wisdom, Holly Richardson. It really spoke volumes and I asked her if WE could share it with you. Feel free to leave a comment!

Yesterday, August 28th. 2010, Pat and I attended an event in Washington D.C. that was about FAITH, HOPE, RESTORING HONOR, OUR VALUES, CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY, TRUTH, TRUST, CHARITY AND A TOTAL COMMITMENT TO LIFE. Charity is not forced, it is opening your heart to another human being and that was taking place all around us.

It was not a Tea Party as the News or Press describes (The definition of a Tea Party is a Political Event-politics were not even mentioned only to say “This is not about Politics”). There were not thousands of people there as it was reported, there were approximately 1.5 million people (calculated by how many people fill up each side of the reflection pond (based on past events), the areas around each side of the Lincoln Memorial and past the Washington Monument up the road to the Capital building). There were people from every faith and religion including 240 pastors, bishops, ministers, rabbi’s and priests who were on stage that represented approx. 108 million people from congregations around the U.S. People of every color, size, shape and origin, and those who were democrats, republicans and independents. There were war vets and those who just returned from war. There were families with their children and husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, parents and their friends. They came from every state in America, some driving from thousands of miles, trains, buses and some walking miles from the subways (about 3 -as some subways were closed because there were too many people). There were parents of sons and daughters who are in the war, have been in the war or lost in past wars. Families who lost loved ones in 9-11, and family members who were part of history from their great, great grandfathers including a direct descendent of the people who arrived on the Mayflower. There were speakers and singers, but no one with a sign, no protestors, no fights, no problems or hatred.

It was about how those before us stood for Truth and Justice and the American way. All the memorials around us spoke of ONE COUNTRY and ONE PEOPLE under GOD. The monuments were engraved with words and meaning that created the framework from which this country was founded and flourished and from our Founding Fathers created the words and meaning for the Declaration of Independence. The last time I read it was over 40 years ago. We should never forget where we really came from.

Now, for those of you who know me know that I am not political nor do I seek confrontation. I am not a tea party-er and have never been to one. I have never been to a political rally. I DO stand for ONE NATION UNDER GOD and believe in GOD and so do millions and millions of other people in this world.

So I ask you. Why does the Press not report the facts or the Truth of what took place at this event where I was? I spoke to a girlfriend who said, “Yes, the news said it was a Tea Party”. I was so saddened because it was so far from the truth of what I have learned a Tea Party was all about.

I have learned a great lesson here in Washington D.C. The niece of Martin Luther King Jr.-Alveda King was one of the speakers and marched along side her Uncle. She also has a dream, just like her Uncle; One Nation, One People, Under God. And Yes, Sara Palin spoke because the event also honored soldiers and they wanted a mom of a soldier to speak so she was part of introducing individuals who won purple hearts and gave their life because they stood for everything we believe in (no political comments were made). It was amazing.sarah palin in washington for restoring honor event

So I am sharing this with you today to help you see the truth. The press, the newspapers, radio and TV do not all represent the truth. And those of us who believe what we read or hear are short-sighted, as I was before I came here. We have to take personal ownership to make a difference in everything we do with Truth and Integrity. Please only take a stand for something you personally know is the truth. What you read even in our local papers take the slant or spin they want. Sadly, you cannot Trust what is always reported on the news, internet or newspaper-you should really try to verify facts from several sources before making up your own mind. It is a shame, but words are just words unless you make yourself a part of the fabric and solution to make your own life and this world a better place to live.

I wanted to write this because I know many of my friends have started to ask me about this. Now I only have to provide this overview once. If you would like to talk about it more, I’d love to. But it is up to you. Thank you for listening and I hope you trust me enough not to put a slant on any of this. Remember, I had no expectations and was at this event looking from the inside out-something so many more of us need to do with our own selves. Honor is like a precious stone and it has taken me many years to learn this. Honor is someone who keeps their promise and I promise you this is the truth.

Thank you for being in my life…

May we all seek new ways to make a positive difference, as tomorrow may never come.

In Love and Respect to Each of You,

Holly C. Richardson

Holly C. Richardson, Former Surfing Champion was a high-ranking Corporate Executive in the male-dominated auto industry before she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Now she spends her time writing about life and volunteering her time to many worthwhile projects including finding a cure for MS.  Holly’s Memoir is due out in early 2011. You can get a glimpse of Holly’s story at: http://www.staging.wemagazineforwomen.com/this-woman-is-riding-lifes-waves-with-passion-and-grace/