INTRODUCTION: Enjoy this series of Inspirational Tips and Action points by Maria Mar, the Dream Alchemist. Each tip is designed to help you crossover into your dream. We will run one tip per week for the months of September and October.

Your Dream is a part of you that needs to express itself in the world in order for you to grow into your full potential and deliver your life purpose. This is your DreamSelf.

 "Dream Crossover Dreamself Infographic"


Food for Thought

For most of us this aspect of ourselves became a stranger as we grew up because we absorbed a self-image based on what our elders told us about ourselves. Comments, judgments, half-jokes and blaming carelessly uttered by parents, relatives and teachers became our self-perception.


Comments like:

• “You’re lazy

• You like it easy

• You’ll never amount to much

• Who do you think you are?

• You are not smart, but you sure are hard working

• You are a good daughter who sacrifices herself”

…and other self-serving, biased or inaccurate affirmations may have distorted your sense of self, making it hard for you to believe the Dream you already are, the great purpose for which you were born.


It’s time to reacquaint yourself with your DreamSelf.

Action Points

Connect to your Soul and summon that part of yourself that already is your dream and calls you to your purpose ~your DreamSelf. Introduce yourself to your DreamSelf and interview her to find out:

• Who she is

• What she loves

• What gives her the most joy

• What her gifts and uniqueness are

• Who she likes to help or serve

• How she loves to do this in a way that makes her happy

• What she needs to receive in return

Listen to your DreamSelf every day and you will live your Dream and deliver your purpose every day.

• At the end of your exercise, come here to leave your comment. I will respond.


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