Not all relationships are made in heaven. Sometimes we have to mess with fate and take the plunge.

Just because a relationship is over doesn’t mean you are ready for the next one. Falling in love does not happen at the snap of a finger. If you were truly committed to that failed relationship, being involved in another one right after would be a possible case of rebound relationship.

Most people who have just been through a break up sometimes feel the need to be loved. Some of them have to be in a rebound relationship in order to assure themselves that they were not the cause of the failure. They think that a rebound relationship will strongly reaffirm their worth.

Individuals who engage in another relationship before being through the grieving process of losing the previous one may be looking for the familiar comfort zone. Some people need to have partner in order to feel whole, thus, they commit to a rebound relationship. Others find it necessary to find the love and affection that they were used to having.

A rebound relationship is like placing a bandage on your wound. It doesn’t make the wound look any better, but it can sure help you forget about the pain. Not all rebound relationships are doomed to nothingness. There are actually those who find their real loves in rebound relationships. However, getting into a brand new commitment before your old partner even had the chance to take his stuff out of the house will more likely face problems. No matter how bad your past relationship was, you still need to figure out if you are indeed ready for someone to fill the gap that your old partner left. Assess if a new relationship is really what you need to be happy. Often, we only need to “find” ourselves after being “lost” in a wrong relationship, and this usually takes time.

That is why, rebound relationships mostly fail because both parties expect too much from the commitment. Not realizing that their relationship was not built on deeper grounds.

Whatever reasons people have in getting into rebound relationships, they can all be considered as selfish. Regardless how they insist on finding love that fast, they cannot deny the fact that they are driven by the thought of getting their self-esteem back and proving their personal worth. And to make their rebound relationships work, they can only hope, or die trying.