When you think about wealth and finance, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

For years, my first thought was money.

I always associated being wealthy with the amount of money I earned or saved, or the amount of money I invested. I never considered the concept of wealth being more than money or material possessions until I looked up the definition of wealth. 

According to its 12th century definition, wealth is defined as, “the overall condition of well-being or happiness.” 

Wealth is not my net worth, or the amount in my bank account, or even how much I put away in my 401k. Wealth is well-being, and once I made that connection, the idea to Redefine Wealth For Myself and help others do the same was inevitable. 

The best way to intuitively approach finance is to do the opposite of what most would think. It’s not checking your credit all of the time, looking for the next job for the sake of a paycheck, or even obsessing over a budget. The best way to intuitively approach finance is to better your overall well-being. 

In the Redefining Wealth community, we approach well-being through the lens of six principles that affect our ability to attract prosperity. We refer to these principles as the Six Pillars of Wealth:

  1. FIT Pillar: Become your best self.
  2. PEOPLE Pillar: Take care of relationships that matter.
  3. SPACE Pillar: Set up your life to support you.
  4. FAITH Pillar: Believe in something greater.
  5. WORK Pillar: Live your life’s purpose.
  6. MONEY Pillar: Attract the prosperity you desire.

These pillars allow us to access our mindset and performance in each area, so that we can address the limiting beliefs or challenges that have kept us stagnant. The pillars allow us to pivot or shift in order to create a wealthier lifestyle and if addressed in order, the benefits are transformational. The money pillar is the last step toward Redefining Wealth, because I believe that in order to attract financial wealth, you first have to complete the life work and remove the clutter in the first five pillars: fit, people, space, faith, and work.

I believe that building wealth and financial stability has 100% nothing to do with money, but everything to do with improving your thoughts and beliefs around money. 

A “wealthy life” is actually one of sustained well-being that requires a strong foundation of physical, mental, and emotional fitness. It requires us to remove the money blocks tied to our net worth and become the strongest, healthiest and best version of ourselves so that we can enjoy everything we build.

If we ignore or neglect our mental, physical and emotional health to chase a paycheck, we may fill our bank account, but we’ll only end up suffering along the way. 

Wealth and finance require wellness first. 

If you approach wealth with the mindset of bettering yourself, you will be more willing to invest in your health, your personal finances and create the time and financial freedom needed to help you build and sustain the wealthy lifestyle that you desire.

When you think about wealth and finance, I want you to think about Redefining Wealth and considering your wellness before your wages.


About the author

Photo credit: Bobby Quillard

In 2020, SUCCESS Magazine named Patrice Washington one of 12 Inspiring Black Voices in Personal Development and she continues to be consistently called on for her expertise by national media. As an award-winning intuitive author, transformational speaker, hope-restoring coach, and conscious media personality, Patrice is committed to teaching a holistic approach to life while redefining the term “wealth” back to its original meaning, “well-being.” 

Patrice got her start as “America’s Money Maven,” a widely-known favorite personal finance expert, but has since expanded her mission to encourage people to chase purpose, not money. She uses her Certification in Financial Psychology to help the masses get beyond budgets and credit reports and dive into the heart of why we behave the way we do with money. Through her Spirit-led teachings and intuitive guidance, Patrice empowers her community to look at life through the lens of abundance and opportunity, instead of lack and scarcity. In addition to her coaching and mission, Patrice has worked with a number of charities including Crystal Stairs, Dress for Success, and Big Brother Big Sister. 

As host of her award-winning “The Redefining Wealth Podcast,” Patrice has built a thriving international community of high-achievers committed to creating a fulfilled life through balancing their careers, home, health, and personal finances. Featured on Forbes.com as one of “15 Inspiring Podcasts for Professionals of Every Stripe,” and highlighted by InStyle Magazine, SUCCESS magazine and Entrepreneur.com, the Redefining Wealth Podcast boasts over 7 million downloads and counting.  Learn more about Patrice at https://patricewashington.com/