Platform launches website & training programs to help parents & children understand culture, diversity, inclusion & more

a leading resource for parents to foster dialogue around diversity and inspire children to respect different cultures, interact from an inclusive perspective, and protect themselves and others from harmful “isms” (racism, classism, ableism, sexism, and more) – has launched its website and corporate training programs. Particularly in response to America’s current urgency regarding race and culture conflicts, RCL, which was founded by sisters Denica Gordon-Mandel and Christina Johnson, is providing a framework to help bring people together.

RCL, which provides parent resources as well as corporate and employee anti-bias education, is offering a series of training webinars focused specifically for work environments. These training programs leverage RCL’s research-backed frameworks to help parents, employees, and other participants in a corporate setting to better understand multicultural perspectives, race, diversity, and other pertinent topics. Parents, educators, and industry leaders can use RCL’s free tools, videos, podcasts, discussions with experts, and other resources to:

  • Support participants in nurturing the development of self-identity based on personal attributes and family values.
  • Learn about different cultures, challenge assumptions, foster respect for differences, acknowledge similarities, and actively pursue fairness for all.
  • Help parents, educators, and employers engage in dialogue that promotes critical thinking.
  • Develop communication strategies and the ability to resolve difficult interactions.
  • Inspire and equip the next generation to address diversity and justice through conscientious leadership.

With a focus on parenting and age-appropriate resources and tools, RCL leverages a specific framework called F-E-E-L: F: Foundation | E: Exploration | E: Engagement | L: Leadership. Using FEEL, parents can actively and conscientiously shape the thoughts that fuel their children’s feelings in complex situations regarding culture and community.

“More than ever before, we need to teach our next generation how to address and talk about issues of race, inclusion, and diversity,” notes Denica Gordon-Mandel, co-founder of RCL. “Our resources, videos, training programs, and other tools give parents the knowledge and frameworks they need to engage in this dialogue.”

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