Meet Rac’quel Rogers Founder & Managing Director of Latte Resume Consulting

Tell us about how you chose your career/business and what your responsibilities include?

I always had a passion for writing! My college years were full of proofreading papers and revamping resumes. This in turn developed my gift of writing resumes into a business I named Latte Resume Consulting(LRC). I am the founder and managing director of a one-stop professional shop where I create exclusive services that help people get to their ultimate professional goal in life.

Tell us about the company you work for or own?

Latte Resume Consulting started off as a Resume business but later grew into working with people (career-seekers and/or new entrepreneurs) that are serious about going after professional goals they really want using coaching and consulting methods. Some of the services offered are: helping career-seekers to acquire positions/salaries above the national average, advising new entrepreneurs with their business startup, partnering with corporate companies for their talent acquisition needs, and facilitate workshops on the resume & interviewing processes

What are some of the most fulfilling projects you have been involved with so far (include your non-profit/volunteer work here)?

Being able to provide business content for an international organization that ultimately gained them J$300,000JMD, securing and spearheading a small business owner commercial contract proposal that ultimately was selected that yielded a revenue of $14,000 usd, and placing a career-seeker in a $110,000+ usd career. These were some of my proudest achievements as they were my clients’ first initiative in securing wealth for their business or career.

Are there any people in your field you would like to meet and/or work with and have not yet had the opportunity?

I would love to work with founders of Paul Forster and Rony Kahan

What are some of your favorite ways to network?

I love going to local events such as vendor events, business festivals, entrepreneurial seminars, and so forth.  Being able to do the traditional “handshake”, discussing partnership opportunities, making intentional connections, and more is something I thrive for when networking for business.

Do you have a mentor – if so how did you choose one another? 

Yes I have several mentors! I have a mentor for my business and one for my personal development. I have highly benefited from having a mentor. They both keep me focused on my purpose. I chose my business mentor by attending a networking event and then enrolling into a business intensive program. As for my personal development mentor, we chose each other.

What have you learned from your mentor?

I learned that everything you do has to have purpose. That’s the thing that will keep you motivated especially when challenges arise.

What’s been the most surprising thing that has happened to you so far in your career?

The people that I have come into contact with daily. The clients that I meet may not be in happy place when they first come to me for help, but I notice once we’ve completed the goal they leave satisfied and happiness.

What do you do for fun/relaxation?

I love reading, going to museums, and listening to oldies. Drinking hot tea (with Latte of course) is my go to before bed.

Any parting advice for someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?

If you fear it? You do it!! Entrepreneurship on the outside is very attractive but be ready to put the work in for
The results you want to see. Remember that it’s  all process so it’s okay to pause at times but just don’t stop.

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