Each country is home to abundant yet unique bugs, mammals, and house insects. The flip side is that citizens will have to deal with diverse animals from invading their properties. 

Despite the country’s reputation of being home to lethal critters, a few pests are life-threatening. But that doesn’t mean that these pose zero threat. termite bugs may cost you a motza in repairs, while cockroaches spread diseases like salmonella. But, what about your property?

You have built new office space and have put exquisite furniture in it with utmost dedication. After all, you want your employees to feel good about the area they’re working in. 

Although furniture houses promise your furniture to last for decades, what if wood decimates by termites? The silent destroyers can cause immense damage if not controlled. 

So, what’s the fix for this problem?

First things first, identify the two kinds of termites that infest your wooden furniture. These may be subterranean termites or dry wood termites. The dry wood ones attack your wood while the subterranean ones live in the soil. Now that you have an idea of termites dealing with them becomes essential. Some methods are:

  • Expose the wooden furniture to sunlight:

Termites are fond of moist and dark conditions. Thus, to get rid of them, try taking the piece of furniture and place the same in the path of sunlight. After exposing the same to sunlight for 2-3 days, the sun will scorch away the termites, and they will die. Instruct your office workers to expose furniture to sunlight at least once a week.

  • Establish a cardboard trap:

Use cellulose, the material used for making a cupboard trap. It has a woody smell that’s irresistible to termites. 

You can also create a cardboard box and pour water on the same. Now place the container on the termite-infested wooden furniture. Termites will attract a strong woody smell. And, within a few hours, the termites will lure into the cardboard trap as they try to feed on the cellulose. 

After seeing the cardboard box filling up with termites, ensure burning out the same. Pest infestation control experts suggest repeating the method until there aren’t any termites on the wood. Try using this method in conjunction with the sunlight method to get the best of results. 

  • Chemical treatment:

Now that you’re facing problems with your Sydney office furniture, which you, of course, don’t want, treat the problem with chemical use.  Yes, borax powder and water are sure to suffice your termite elimination needs. Make the solution and spray it onto the furniture. For instance when you’re living in the Sunburnt Country, a Commercial Pest Control Company Sydney NSW helps you identify the pest type and ensures that the chemicals are pretty safe to use. You can also apply the mixture to the wooden furniture by using a paintbrush. 

  • Parasitic Nematodes:

Nematodes are small unsegmented worms that kill termite larvae. These parasitic nematodes search for larvae and burrow deep into them. It’ll come as a surprise to see how you’ll get rid of all the furniture larvae in no time. Buy these online or from a local garden store for the best results. 

The Bottom Line

Termites can cause immense damage to your office furniture. Thus, it is always a sound decision to adopt some preventive measures. Ensure that your furniture isn’t exposed to moisture, and have a professional by your side to apply the chemical treatment. 

Indulge in these preventive methods to protect your office furniture from pest infestations. Act before it’s too late!

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