Buying a home may sound daunting if you are a single woman. But your gender and relationship status shouldn’t keep you from exploring the exciting world of homeownership. According to recent statistics, more and more single women are buying homes, so you are not alone. 

Did you know that single women own an average of 12.9% of homes versus 10.06% of single men in the US? The situation is quite similar in developed countries like Singapore, even if they aren’t in the Western world. The numbers are inspiring for ladies looking to embrace their dream homes. 

But let’s accept it, navigating the real estate market can be overwhelming, specifically when you try it solo. We’ve got some proven recommendations to help you make the savviest decisions when it comes to buying a home. Let’s dive in and get you on the right track, ladies!

Get a head start with planning

Planning is everything when it comes to home buying. You need to sketch a vision of a dream home in your mind. Consider your current lifestyle and long-term plans to determine what exactly you are looking for. 

Do you want to stay single or start a family down the line? Are you looking for a small space or a luxurious house? Answer these questions to shortlist options and speed up the home-buying process as a solo buyer. 

Do your research

Research is another significant aspect of buying a home as a single woman. You know what you want in a dream home, but it isn’t enough to find one. Be ready to dig deep by researching neighborhoods and homes. 

Talk to your friends, family, and real estate agents and seek recommendations. Read online reviews and look at home listings to find the best properties. Also, learn the nitty-gritty of real estate markets to be a savvy buyer.

Get your budget right

At this stage, you must get your buying budget right. Being single can be an advantage because you know where you stand. Do you have enough set aside for a down payment? Consider it a base figure for your budget. Once you decide on the budget, use a loan calculator to draw a picture of the borrowing for the purchase. 

Make sure you have a good credit score because it can get you a loan easily. You may even save tons of money on interest by showing a responsible approach to debts and credit. 

Consider real costs

The price of a home is not the real cost, so be ready for the extra expenses. For example, you will have to pay realtors’ commissions, property taxes, and closing costs to seal the deal. Relocation expenses can also burn a hole in your wallet. 

Remember to add them up before deciding on your home-buying budget. You can avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the day.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage

Whatever your gender, getting pre-approved for a mortgage can ease your buying journey. It is even better for a single woman who doesn’t want to stress out due to the last-minute financial struggle. 

A pre-approval through a bank, credit union, or mortgage broker gives you an idea of how much you can borrow. Moreover, it helps you to negotiate with sellers and close a deal you love. 

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Remember that the asking price is just a starting point, and you need not pay it. Women are great at negotiating, so don’t be afraid to get into a money conversation with the seller to get a better price. 

You may end up scoring an incredible deal for your dream home. Bargain with the seller by using closing costs and potential repairs as selling points. You may even consider timing the deal when the market is at a low point. 

Don’t rush into anything

Ladies, buying a home is a big decision. You shouldn’t rush into anything unless you feel ready and confident about the financial aspects. Also, check factors like neighborhood safety because you don’t want to end up in a place where you feel scared of being alone. 

Check the amenities and ensure your workplace is close by. You may even return to check the place several times before signing a deal. It makes you a lot more confident, so go easy and choose wisely, even if you love a place enough to jump on it. 


Buying a dream home shouldn’t be challenging for single women. You deserve it if you can afford it, so don’t think twice before going ahead. But remember to research and seek guidance because they can help you make the right decision. All the best!


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