The Do’s and Don’ts for Wearing Summer’s Favorite Shoe

"Protect Your Feet with These Flip Flop Tips"Flip flops are no longer just for the pool! While the slip-on footwear may be a fashion favorite, they have long been pegged for contributing to a variety of foot problems. Podiatrist Dr. Lowell Weil Sr., Director of the Chicago Sports Medicine & Dance Injury Center, notes that with a few flip flop tips, feet will remain injury free. “While I wouldn’t suggest exercising in a pair of flimsy rubber flip flops, certain features can make the footwear more favorable,” says Dr. Weil Sr. “Purchasing sandals with a few modifications will keep your feet in tip top shape.”

Below are Dr. Weil Sr.’s tips for choosing a pair of flip flops:

Opt for a Heel: Rather than picking a completely flat pair, choose a slight heel (even as low as a ¼ of an inch) to elevate the heels. This will prevent strain on the Achilles tendon as well as offer some arch support. –

Avoid a Flimsy Foot Bed: If the shoe can easily be bent in half, it will most likely not offer very much support. Sandals with a stiffer foot bed, however, maintain their shape and keep the foot in a more secure position while walking. –

Wear the Right Size: Make sure the shoe fits, literally. If your foot is hanging off the edge or your heel is hitting the back, it is time to move the next size up. –

Watch Out for Irritation: Flip flop proponents are often prone to irritation between toes, particularly where the toe thong fits. If a blister starts to form, keep the area clean, use Vaseline or Neosporin ointment, and cover with a band-aid. –

Don’t Try to Run in Flip Flops: “Most of the injuries that we have seen from flip flops come from running or trying to play sports,” adds Dr. Weil Sr. –

Stick to New Shoes: Once the flip flops become worn, discard them and wear a new pair. If the strapping becomes frayed and snaps in the midst of walking, you are at risk for hurting your foot.

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